Today I’m especially thinking about our granddaughter, Emily. LeRoy called us last night, around midnight, to tell us he was in the emergency room with Emily. She had fallen down their basement stairs with a concrete floor at the base of the stairway. My heart was aching for Emily. The doctors checked her out and said she was fine overall. There is a large lump above her eye and it looks like the eye will be black and blue. She got very lucky. They are steep stairs and with the cement floor in the basement, it could have been a much different scenario. 🙁

Al and I ran some errands today and I have to tell you, we had a beautiful day in which to do them. Temps were around 58 degrees with light rain off and on. Costco was not crowded for a change, so that was nice. It’s amazing that we had snow and ice a couple days ago and today it’s like Spring out there.

I’ve been dealing with a pinched nerve or something, I believe, on my right side – neck? back? I cannot tell where it is coming from but the darn thing will not go away. 🙁 It’s very uncomfortable at times and it’s been going on for about two weeks now. I may have to go into the doctor if it doesn’t go away.

30lbsGone As for my Journey, today was another good day on Program. I’m finishing up the day with calories to spare, which is always nice. I drank three glasses of water. I’m trying to cut down on my Diet Dr. Pepper; only had two today. No exercise today. I’m still on every other day schedule with my exercise.


Another great workout behind me. I can definately feel the burn on Level 6, especially behind my calves. I’m still loving my episodes of Supernatural which exercising. I will have to find another series to watch when I’m done with this one. I still have to finish the Sopranos so may tackle that. I find that watching a show makes the time go by fast so that is what I usually do when working out on the elliptical.

I woke up late again even though I did go to bed early. What’s up with that? All I can say is that I have a very comfortable bed! LOL I do feel refreshed though, so that is a good thing. Al has been getting up anywhere from 4-6 am so I guess I need to get back on a more decent schedule. I hate schedules! 🙂

The snow is all gone. The temperature today was 48. It’s still a bit windy here but not bad on the temperature side of things. I can see our front yard again and it’s green.

I better get myself in the kitchen as Al will be getting hungry for dinner soon.

30lbsGone As for my Journey, I am staying within my food budget for the day. I had a great weighin – 218.6, lowest ever for a very long time. Exercise: 45 minutes Elliptical, L6, 3.6 miles, 420 calories burned.



IMG_201402096503Well, I did it!  I moved up to Level 6 on my elliptical and had the best workout ever.  I went 3.7 miles in 45 minutes and burned 431 calories.  I did feel the burn, especially in the back of my calves.  Woo! Hoo!  When I do the elliptical as soon as I get up for the day, I always have a good workout.

I slept in today after not getting to bed until 3 am.  I really must get to bed earlier or I’ll be all messes up on the sleep again.  🙁  Al and I had breakfast for dinner – YUM!  We enjoyed watching Narnia (Disney) tonight.  I’m hoping to get to bed before 3 am tonight.

30lbsGone  As for my Journey, I stayed within my food budget for the day.  I’m under my food budget but I’m just not hungry and I won’t eat if I’m not hungry.  Exercise: 45 minutes Elliptical, L6, 3.7 miles, 431 calories burned. button2up