Weight Loss

Another great workout behind me. I can definately feel the burn on Level 6, especially behind my calves. I’m still loving my episodes of Supernatural which exercising. I will have to find another series to watch when I’m done with this one. I still have to finish the Sopranos so may tackle that. I find that watching a show makes the time go by fast so that is what I usually do when working out on the elliptical.

I woke up late again even though I did go to bed early. What’s up with that? All I can say is that I have a very comfortable bed! LOL I do feel refreshed though, so that is a good thing. Al has been getting up anywhere from 4-6 am so I guess I need to get back on a more decent schedule. I hate schedules! 🙂

The snow is all gone. The temperature today was 48. It’s still a bit windy here but not bad on the temperature side of things. I can see our front yard again and it’s green.

I better get myself in the kitchen as Al will be getting hungry for dinner soon.

30lbsGone As for my Journey, I am staying within my food budget for the day. I had a great weighin – 218.6, lowest ever for a very long time. Exercise: 45 minutes Elliptical, L6, 3.6 miles, 420 calories burned.



IMG_201402096503Well, I did it!  I moved up to Level 6 on my elliptical and had the best workout ever.  I went 3.7 miles in 45 minutes and burned 431 calories.  I did feel the burn, especially in the back of my calves.  Woo! Hoo!  When I do the elliptical as soon as I get up for the day, I always have a good workout.

I slept in today after not getting to bed until 3 am.  I really must get to bed earlier or I’ll be all messes up on the sleep again.  🙁  Al and I had breakfast for dinner – YUM!  We enjoyed watching Narnia (Disney) tonight.  I’m hoping to get to bed before 3 am tonight.

30lbsGone  As for my Journey, I stayed within my food budget for the day.  I’m under my food budget but I’m just not hungry and I won’t eat if I’m not hungry.  Exercise: 45 minutes Elliptical, L6, 3.7 miles, 431 calories burned. button2up