WEIGH-IN DAY – 214.2 lbs, down 0.6 lbs  I’m happy with my loss since I am coming off a week of not feeling well.

IMG_2014031053303I did my elliptical today early.  I do my best workout when I first get up in the IMG_2014031047492morning.  I changed up my program to give a little variety to my workout and work different muscles.  I’ve been doing Ride in the Park program but today I did Speed IMG_2014031032802Intervals, which was harder.  I refuse to go back down on my resistance so kept it at Level 8.  My goal was to stay on Level 8 and go at least 3 miles.  I accomplished that and went 3.4 miles!  I’m hoping to start doing my elliptical for 2 days, 1 off, starting this week.  I’ve been doing the elliptical every-other-day.  We’ll see how it goes.

Yesterday I made a pot roast with Cream of Mushroom soup, potatoes, carrots, onions, mushrooms and corn in my crockpot.  We had it for dinner tonight and it was delicious.

Happy Birthday to my little sis, Tina.  It was yesterday but everyone is entitled to a birthday week.  🙂

button2upAs for my Journey, I’ve recuperated from a week of not feeling well.  I drank lots of water/liquids over the weekend.  I did an extra workout on the elliptical on Saturday.  It all paid off with a 0.6 lb loss this week.  On to the next week with hopefully, a bigger loss.  One day at a time.   button2up


It’s time for me to play catch-up for the week.  The last time I posted was on Sunday, March 2nd.  I’ve not been feeling well all week, between an upset stomach, gastrointestinal problems, and a severe headache today.

WEIGH-IN DAY – 214.8 lbs, down 2.2 lbs
IMG_2014030310719I had my official weigh-in on Monday, March 3rd.  I did my elliptical on Monday, readout on the left.

Al took me out to lunch on Monday and I must say, it was delicious!   DotLobsterDinner4Mar3_2014We went to the Outback for Steak and Lobster; a special for $14.99.   Al doesn’t like seafood so he ordered the same meal as mine and gave me his lobster tail.  The lobster was grilled to perfection, as was my 4 oz steak, and I enjoyed every morsel.  We both had salads as our side.  My meal came in at about 800 calories and worth every calorie.  🙂  IMG_201403058313


I did get up on the elliptical on Wednesday, March 5th.  Readout above.

Al and I went to my brothers house on Wednesday for dinner.  He made an awesome meatloaf with rum cake for dessert.  I had just a sliver and counted it in my journal.  Good times.

I couldn’t find my phone before the readout went away but I did do the elliptical on Friday, March 7th.  45 minutes, L8, 3.5 miles, 419 calories burned.

IMG_2014030846606I decided to do another workout this morning as I’ve had a rough week with the scale.  My official weigh-in is on Monday so hopefully this workout will help.  🙂  I got a good burn today, considering I was coming off a severe headache early this morning.  I thought getting up on the elliptical would help the headache and it did!

It’s been a very lazy Saturday afternoon.  I’m hoping I will kick whatever bug I have soon.  I just feel drained.

button2upAs for my Journey, it’s been a rough week with the scale not cooperating with my good deeds.  In all fairness, being sick most of the week did not help.  I also really did bad on getting my water in.  Big mistake.  button2up


Looking back…  and I thought I was overweight.  Unbelievable!

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