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Happy Anniversary & Al’s First Novel Published

Hi everyone.  On June 10, 1976 Al and I were married in Vancouver, WA.  We celebrated 41 years on June 10, 2017.  It’s been a wonderful 41 years and we look forward to many more. We met it September 1974, the year I graduated.

I am doing okay on getting back on track with my Program.  I was doing really good staying off the Diet Dr. Pepper but have slipped the past couple of days.  I will get back on track with that.  I still haven’t started walking yet but the grandkids and grocery shopping helps me get some exercise.  Hopefully our pool will be getting used when the hot weather comes to stay.  I’m not journaling yet but I am trying to eat smaller portions.  My sleep is still wacko; up long stretches, sometimes 24 hours or more.  I know that is not helping me stay on Program.  

Last Friday we had a wonderful BBQ at LeRoy’s house.  We were sorry that Rachel had to work and couldn’t be there.  LeRoy has the backyard beautifully landscaped with so many flowers.  He put up a new swingset for the kids, along with a sandbox – their favorite!  We had loaded hamburgers, potato salad, cheddar sausage, and for dessert, cherry cheesecake.  Great food, great company, and awesome grandkids!

I wish I had half of their energy. I don’t think Emily ever stopped moving.  In the third photo Jake is eating a tomato slice he stole off the plate.  He does love his tomatoes.

to my hubby Al, son LeRoy and son Glenn.  They are all great fathers.  My father has been gone since I was seven but I just know he would of been an awesome father also.  I miss him every day.

Al has finished his first novel and it’s wonderful.  It’s a love story with so much more.  I know I’m a bit prejudiced but, Al writes beautifully.  You will feel like you are right there with the characters.  If you are interested in purchasing it please click on the book graphic to the right.  You won’t be disappointed.

Tonight we are having Emily over for a sleepover and she is so excited to use her new “Frozen” suitcase we bought her for sleepovers. I have errands to run and some grocery shopping to do before we pick her up.

Have an awesome day everyone and enjoy the Summer days ahead. Take care.



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    Al Coon

    Thank you Babe! Thank you for 41 wonderful years of marriage. You are my best friend, and soulmate. You were my inspiration for my book generally, and for the character Cookie Colt specifically. You gave me a wonderful son, who has in turn given us two wonderful grandchildren. I will forever bless the day I met you, because it has led to the best things in my life.

    I love you!!!

    Your Al

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    Happy belated Fathers Day to AL and all the men in your life Dotti !! Sounds like you had the perfect day to me! There is nothing better than good food and family close by. Glad to hear your doing so well! A huge congrats to AL on having his book published . Thats awesome news.
    Enjoy whats left of June !!


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    Sorry Dotti I meant to wish you both a very happy anniversary too. Saw his great news and totally got distracted. I have an 18 year old book worm who loves to read. Would the book be good for him?


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    Al Coon

    Thanks Marina! If your 18 year old reader reads mainline bestsellers, I think this book will be just fine for him. It is about a married couple being married, but tastefully done. We have a 19 year old grandson and I would not hesitate to recommend it to him. I hope this helps.


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    annalyn evans

    Love reading your post. I hope you are feeling better and got some time in the pool this summer. You have been such an inspiration to me while on and off my journey on ww. Life is a journey all the way around:)

    Take care of your self.

    • Dotti


      Hi Annalyn, I’m so sorry I missed your comment. Thank you for such a wonderful post. You are right, Life is a Journey all the way around. I’m just keeping on my Journey’s road and trying not to veer off. Please take care of yourself also. HUGS

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