Memorial Day – Never Forget

Memorial Day is a day to remember our fallen heroes.  We are a military family with our Dads, Uncles, both boys, and Al, all who have served their country.  This is a special day to remember those who died serving our country in making the United States safe for all of us.  Please take a moment and think about them and the ultimate sacrifice they made.



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    Marilyn Racine

    Hi,, I can’t believe I ‘finally” found you again.. I was here (at your site) maybe 15 yrs ago or so.. Anyway, I was looking up some restaurants as I’m meeting a friend next Monday.. I said to myself., “where the heck did Dotti go”.. About 5 minutes later I saw a link to here..
    After a divorce and move (ok, I ran away) to NC, I’m back in MA and back to WW.. Thrilled to have found you.. Best of Luck in your own journey.

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