Reformatting DWLZ ~ July 23, 2016

About time, right?  I’ve reformatted most of DWLZ, starting with the main pages.  I have more to do but it’s coming along nicely.  The pages are cleaner and faster to load.  Next I will be working on updating more of the restaurants to Smart Points, while keeping the Points+ and Winning Point values.

onlinefriendshipsblinkieI love DWLZ and all my friends I’ve made over the 18 years I’ve had my website.  So many awesome people and awesome times.  So many great memories.  I’m looking forward to making many more.

As for my Journey back to goal, it’s been a long and winding road.  I’m hoping the road will straighten back up and I can start getting back to goal.  I know I can do it and with everyones love and support, how can I fail.

Thank you for always standing by my side as I travel the many roads of my life.




About Dotti

I created Dotti's Weight Loss Zone on Sept 20, 1998. We are still up and running 19+ years later. I created DWLZ to help others on their Journey to a healthier self. I wanted to create a space where others on this Journey could support each other and share their Journey. I wanted to include all the info I could to help make the Journey easier on everyone on this Journey. I hope that I've accomplished that.


Reformatting DWLZ ~ July 23, 2016 — 7 Comments

  1. Your site is awesome! Thank you for keeping the old points values on the restaurant items (which I’m still using). I use your restaurant list all the time now that I’m starting back on the program. Good luck with your progress!

  2. Hi, Dotti – the updated DWLZ looks great! Thank you for all you do to keep DWLZ up and running (and Al too 😉 ). I wish you continued progress regarding your foot and leg/hip pain. Hang in there – whenever you are blue please remember I think of you often and I’m cheering you on toward your health goals. I’ve been on Dotti’s “only” for 7 years LOL everyone is so nice they’re like family/friends combined. You and Al started a wonderful online community, I’m grateful every day for it. *Take care of yourself.*

  3. Dotti, I have been on this journey along side of you since 2002, some years being better than others. Thanks for the great resource! It helps keep me focused!

    • Daily POINTS Range based on Current Weight

      123 Original Points Plan
      Less than 150 pounds 18-25 POINTS
      150 to 174 pounds 20-27 POINTS
      175 to 199 pounds 22-29 POINTS
      200 to 224 pounds 24-31 POINTS
      225 to 250 pounds 26-33 POINTS
      Over 250 pounds 28-35 POINTS

      Winning Points
      less than 150 pounds….18-23
      150 to 174 pounds……..20-25
      175 to 199 pounds……..22-27
      200 to 224 pounds……..24-29
      225 to 249 pounds……..26-31
      250 to 274 pounds……..28-33
      275 to 299 pounds……..29-34
      300 to 324 pounds……..30-35
      325 to 349 pounds……..31-36
      more than 350 pounds…32-37

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