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Heading Into the Home Stretch

The day is almost here when I get my screws out of my ankle and get out of the wheelchair.  It’s been a long 3 months not stepping on my right foot.  I still have PT ahead of me but at least I’ll finally be able to step on my right foot again.  Workman’s Comp finally said okay to start light duty after I get my screws removed on February 10th.  I’ve been fighting with them for the last month.  Giving up the fight was not an option.  It will probably be another week after I start stepping on my right foot again since the calf muscle has a lot of atrophy.  PT is just around the corner.  I cannot wait to become mobile again.

2015 was a hard year, medically speaking.  I cut the tip of my right thumb on the slicer in the deli, then broke my left leg when I slipped in the Deli (Aug 22nd), and finally, after moving to the Seafood Department, I slipped on some ice in the cooler and broke my right leg in two places, ripping the tissue all the way up to the knee (Nov 17th).  I’m hoping for a much better 2016.

Al and I have been busy updating the restaurants to Smart Points.  We have completed 64 restaurants so far.  They now include the Smart Points, Points Plus and Winning Points values, along with being updated to the most recent nutritionals.  Look for the asterick next to the restaurant name.  I’m also updating some DWLZ pages as I get around to them.

Al and I ran some errands the other day and boy was I pooped afterwards.  I did some hopping on my left foot while getting in the electric carts so that leg is mud for awhile.  I got my prescription filled at Fred Meyers and picked up some groceries at Costco and Super Walmart.  I also got my bloodwork done at my clinic for the upcoming surgery on Feb 10th.  Knocked some items off my To Do list.  Always a good thing.


I’m trying to get more water into my day.  I drink way too much Diet Dr. Pepper and my kidneys are going to start paying for that.  Why can’t water taste like Diet Dr. Pepper?  Wouldn’t that be great!

I do use Propel packets in my water bottle, which help me drink more water.

Have an awesome day.  I’m leaving you with a great shot of “My Boys”.  I love this photo.



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    Vikki Perkins

    Glad to hear the screws are coming out. Go easy with the PT – do what they say and make sure to have plenty of Voltaren on hand for that calf muscle! Or get your Dr. to prescribe the 10% medicated version – I got that after I tore my gastronemicus muscle in 2013. It was great for localized pain relief of sore muscles without having an adverse effect on your stomach.

    I sure hope 2016 holds a lot more fun and joy for you and Al! Take care!

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    I hope your procedure to get the screws out went well and your not in pain. I wish you a speedy recovery, and good luck with PT. Beautiful pic of your family :O)


    • Dotti


      Hi Marina. The procedure to get the screws went well. I am allowed to step on my foot and walk with a walker but boy, I wasn’t expecting it to hurt that much. I still cannot step completely on my right foot. PT should start after my appointment on the 23rd. Thanks for asking.

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    Have you tried La Croix? It’s flavored sparkling water with a huge following although no advertising. It’s zero points. It’s SO good!! No sugar, no sodium. Nothing. Many flavors. Takes a little while to get used to but takes the place of my sodas. I recommend the coconut and orange. They now have mango!

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