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January 12, 2015

Glenn2016First, a very big Happy Birthday toDotRipMay2012 our son, Glenn, who celebrated on the 7th and to my little brother Rip, who celebrated on the 11th.  Two wonderful men in my life.

Al and I are planning a beach getaway February 22nd – 25th.  Rockaway is our favorite Oregon Coast spot and we got our favorite room too.  Rip is coming with us so it will be extra-nice.  We have an adjacent room with queen bed and bath and reserved that for Rip. We have our own kitchenette so will bring our own food.  Looking forward to Rip cooking us up some great steaks.


I really needed something to look forward to, after being laid up for 3 months, and I think this fits the bill.  It’s been a long time since we’ve been to the coast.  I’m hoping my leg will be moving pretty good by then (screws come out on the 10th).  If not, I have two strong men to help me up the stairs.

Nothing much happening here except looking forward to Feb 10th.

As for the Smart Points on my website,, I’ll be adding Smart Points to new foods, restaurants, and recipes from now on.  I will continue to also add the Winning Points and the Points Plus Points.  They will always remain on my site.  Al and I will slowly be adding Smart Points as we update the restaurants already on DWLZ.

Hope everyone is having a good January.  Our weather has not been too cold and the rain has slowed down.

Have a great week.




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    Chargaile Askew

    Dotti, so glad to see that you are improving and back to posting on your blog again. I really missed you. Your February getaway sounds like a perfect chance to regroup and refresh and tackle this New Year. Have a great time.

    • Dotti


      Thank you so much. I hope to stay in touch more this year. Yes, the beach getaway will be so relaxing and is something I am looking forward to very much. It’s been a long couple of months. Of course, my first thing to look forward to is getting my screws out of my ankle and stepping on my right leg again. Have a nice day.

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    So nice to hear from you Dotti! Sounds like you are moving forward & you have something to look forward to that is soo fun! Thanks for checking in! Hugs!

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    I have used your restaurant points app for years and never realized you were from Oregon until reading this today. I live in Portland. This is so exciting to me! Sorry to read about all of your accidents last year though. Hopefully 2016 will be nicer to you.

    • Dotti


      I’m originally from Long Island, NY and moved here to the Portland area when I was in 11th grade – many, many, years ago. I love this area. We will have to get together sometime. I’m hoping to have a much better year. Thanks for stopping by!

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