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Happy New Year 2015

Happy New Year_88 Happy New Year everyone!  2015 is going to be a good year.   On January 14th I will have worked in the Deli for 3 months.  It’s hard to believe that much time has gone by already.  I’m about 3-4 weeks away from my first raise, which I’m excited for.  Work has been keeping me pretty busy these days.  I love working in the deli because you are always moving, either cooking, waiting on customers, and many other chores.  I love the customers.  They are the best.

I would like to get more regular about posting here in this new year.  I am also trying to get back on my path back to goal.  I’m golden in the exercise department; work takes care of that.  My eating needs to be reined in and I need to take my lunch to work where I HAVE CONTROL of what I eat instead of grabbing stuff when I’m starving and tired.  I also need to drink more water and cut back on my Diet Dr. Pepper.  Tracking is so important when I’m on track and in control; need to get back to that too.  So, it’s back on the right path towards my goal.EmilySarahDec2014

My granddaughters got their pictures taken right before Christmas.  They all came out so good!  Sarah is becoming quite the teenager and our Emily is 3 now!

Al and I had a nice Christmas Day at my brother Bobs house.  They cooked a turkey with all the trimmings and great lasagna.  I got up early that day and made an Upside-Down Pineapple Cake, a Dreamscicle Dessert, Chocolate Covered Mini-Pretzels and lots of deviled eggs.  We had a great time, great food, and great music by my dear Al.  He played his electric guitar and sang all our favorite Christmas songs.  We had to leave early due to the fact I had to get up at 2 am for work the next morning.

Have an awesome 2015 and thanks so much for visiting.



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    Jennifer Kramer

    Happy New Year Dottie! I’ve been following your journey on and off since 1998, the year I started my own journey. I’ve had some successes over the years, and plenty of plateaus. Then, 2 children came along, and, now, I’m the heaviest I’ve ever been. Tomorrow, Jan 5th, is the first day of the rest of my life, and I’m making some major food/exercise changes. I can’t help but notice that was the exact date that you first found success on the program. Wishing us both health and weight loss in 2015! We are worth it! – Jen

    • Dotti


      Thanks Jen! Good for you for getting back on the right road of your Journey. We are both going to find success getting back our good health and losing the weight we need to. Yes, we are worth it! Good luck.

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    Elizabeth (Babette) Smith

    Happy New Year, Dotti! Glad you’re loving your new job and it’s keeping you active! You’ve reminded me that I need to return to blogging, too. Will be posting soon. Congratulations on the new raise coming up in the next few weeks! Love the pix of your grandkids!!

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    Liz Scott

    Hi…Happy New Year … 2014 was a nightmare. 2 knee replacements then BAM.. I had to have my right hip replaced. That surgery was botched. 4 dislocations later and a revision surgery. In the mean time, 80# later and I am back on program. Dottie, your sight helped me so much in 2004.. so I am back and Wow. WW has changed. Good Luck to All. Most of us have done this before and we can do it again. God Bless Us All…..

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    I see my former self in your posts. I too have been an on/off WW member since 1978 having maintained a 35# loss for many years, but never reaching my goal weight. Last summer at my husband’s urging we began a low carb eating plan. I was skeptical at first as I always firmly believed that WW was a sound nutritional plan. I still believe that but now realize that some of us just do not process carbohydrates well. Since adopting our new eating style my husband has lost 50# and I’m within 15# of my old WW goal. The cravings are gone and we are truly eating to live. I am no longer obsessed with food-planning, calculating, scheming, good/bad. We both feel and look better than we have in years. When we do overindulge (after all we are human!), the resultant sluggishness is not worth the momentary taste pleasure. Al may enjoy doing the research on insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome as he has such an inquiring mind! I share to encourage you since I think that I’ve traveled a similar journey. Blessings and happy new year!

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    Thank you for the site, Dottie. I have looked for points on here for many years. I should own WW by this time. I just keep going back each time. I use the points mostly for eating out. I do not have a smart phone so thanks again.

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    Martha Jones

    Happy New Year!! Weight loss is hard especially working with food. Keep on trying and you will start your weight loss again. Good luck!

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    Carol Powers

    Dottie, Happy New Year! Congrats on the job? Why did you choose to work with “food”? Been following your sight since I made my WW goal in 2004 lost 74 lbs and (gained it all back four years later). Phoned my WW instructors, she’s now a class member gaining 25lbs back. Her comment: You know the program, just do it!! Well I’ve started and I’m doing a great job tracking. Water and exercise are my problems. My feet and knees hurt. I can’t find the points like I used to on your website, am I looking in the wrong place? Happy Easter!

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