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wpid-img_2014072650640.jpgMorning everyone!  Hope the weekend is going well for all of you.  It’s been a quiet one here.  My little brother, Rip, came over for a nice day yesterday.  I made him Lasagna Soup and Parmesan Biscuits, along with a strawberry/banana smoothie.  They were all a huge hit with Rip.  Brother, Rip

I’ve been doing great on getting on the Elliptical.  I got up on it yesterday before Rip came over and had a great workout, 3.6 miles and burning 416 calories.  I’m trying to get back on my every-other-day schedule and so far, so good.


I’m back to Journaling my food again and it feels good to be back in control, after taking a much needed break from it all.  I’ve managed to keep my weight in check, not gaining during my hiatus.  It’s time to step it back up.

We’ve had some cool temps this last week but it looks like we are going to be creeping back up into the 90’s this next week.  Personally, I love the 70’s myself.  I can see the A/C running hard this week.

Water ~ it’s so important to get your daily amount.  For some reason, this is hard for me.  I’m hooked on diet sodas and always grab one of those instead of a glass of water.  I need to turn that around.

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    Al Coon

    Dotti you did great on the elliptical trainer yesterday!!! (And you spanked me pretty good that first game of Foosball too. 🙂 )

    It was a great evening with Rip and that crock-pot delight you created was delicious. Yum!

    It is great seeing you back on track again Dotti, and you didn’t go up on the scale during your down time either. So, you are all set to get moving again towards your goal. I am so proud of you!!!

    And I love what you have been doing with this blog and the entire web site. It is all looking super!!! You go girl!!!

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    Connie Childers

    I am disappointed that you have not been able to update your journey in the past month. Your willingness to include plateau times, times of gaining, times of losing on this journey back to healthy were inspiring to me. Yes, I am one of those constantly struggling with weight concerns and staying focus DAILY on my journey back to a healthier lifestyle in addition to losing excess pounds. It is difficult for many people to understand our struggles daily to even maintain our weight. Usually, if I am not being accountable in recording calories, etc., then I am gaining weight. So, don’t be discouraged if things are not going exactly as you anticipated, just keep on one day at a time. Actually, for me, it is sometimes one hour at a time. Just know all your efforts to reach your goal in addition to encouraging others to be patient, to be diligent, and to keep taking the next step forward in this journey are greatly appreciated. Hope to receive a new update soon. From experience, those times we are so close to 199 are always the most difficult. Remember, you have done it before and we can do it again. So have I! We can do it again. You are closer in your journey, but I plan to get there step by step and calorie by calorie. I remember a Weight Watcher leader reminding us weekly, “Yard by yard, life is hard; but inch by inch life is a cinch!” So true. She also admonished us weekly, “If it is to be, it is up to me!” I am remembering these blasts from the past to encourage me to keep putting one foot in front of the other to exercise when possible and to be accountable always in all aspects of this journey. Praying God will bless you with renewed energy to complete this journey. You can do it!!

  • Dotti


    I am sorry I have disappointed you Connie. Believe me, I’ve disappointed myself many times but all I can do is to keep on keeping on, One Day at a Time; sometimes one hour at a time. I have pretty much stepped away from it all in August and hope to get back on the wagon this month. I have been very stressed with some personal issues and something had to give. Again, I’m sorry for the lack of updates. I have maintained my loss to within 3 lbs. Good luck on your Journey and please know that even when I don’t update I am still cheering you and all others on our Journey, on.

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