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Wednesday ~ April 23, 2014

ScaleGood33Finally, the scale has moved down!  I have to admit, it was getting a bit frustrating because I knew I was doing everything right.  We took our own food to our beach getaway and I was keeping up with my elliptical exercising, throwing in a little swimming at the coast.

ExercisingA friend of mine posted this to my FB page and I died laughing so wanted to share it with all of you.  We must keep our sense of humor on this lifetime Journey of ours.

stopThinking2I’ve been dealing with a few emotional issues the last couple of days.   I’m always working on being a better person but sometimes, feelings and emotions take over.   I must remember what the sign to the right says.  It’s my life, it seems.

Thank you to all of you who are always here supporting me along the way.  I hope you all know that I’m always right beside you rooting you on also.

button3up As for my Journey, the scale has finally caught up to my keeping on Program, journaling, and exercising regularly.  I weighed in today at 206.8, only 0.8 lbs away from my 45 lbs lost button.  I will keep on keeping on. button2up



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    Yeah !!! The scale moved for you ! You said to me once Dottie, “don’t go by the numbers because the scale will catch up eventually to your hard work”. See… and it did for you too ! I always think of that. So congrats on staying the course and sticking with it. Your doing AMAZING !!! I LOVE the calories screaming saying. I am going to make that my phone background. I laughed when I read that. SO funny ! I will be sharing it with friends too !! I am sorry your going through some emotional things, and I also loved the saying about people trying to control you. This is a real sore subject with me and I know it can really take its toll. Ive been working through the same thing over the last year. But with working out and focusing on my health I am handling it much better now. I hope you can too. Your such a wonderful person with a GIANT heart. Keep on keeping on Dottie. Your doing it !!! I love following your journey. It inspires me to keep going myself. XO

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    Al Coon

    Dotti you are doing incredibly well! It is easy to lose sight of how successful you are each day when the scale doesn’t move, or it goes up, and you didn’t over eat and you have been exercising. Keep your eye on the prize Babe, and it will be yours!!! I am seeing you do well each and every day. You are looking great–BEAUTIFUL!!! I am so impressed with what you have done already, and every day you mark off another day of success. 🙂

    It is awesome to see the scale move, but that is going to come from what you are doing. Remember, it is what you are DOING that matters, not what the scale says. You can only control one of those things, and you are doing it!!! Yeah Dotti!!! You ROCK girl, and I am so proud of you!!!

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