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Monday ~ April 21, 2014

Hi everyone!   As of today,   Monday, April 21st, I am down 43 lbs.  This Journey to Goal is going a lot slower than my 1st Journey to Goal in 1998.  While this Journey back to goal is different from my first one, I am still slowly losing 1 to 1.5 lbs a week on most weeks, keeping my elliptical workouts hard and steady, journaling every day, and keeping with my food program.  That is SUCCESS in my book.  I try to always remember that I’m 16 years older and my body is not what it used to be.  🙂

Today was my official weigh-in and the scale said I gained scalebad    0.4 lbs with a reading of 208.4 lbs.

wpid-img_2014042133510.jpgTodays exercise went well.  Level 10 is still hard and taxing but I refuse to move back down to Level 10 – No! No! No!easter4


I’ve created another photo slideshow for Easter 2014 with LeRoy, Rachel and the grandkids.  Emily was so cute in her Easter dress and had a blast coloring eggs.

On Saturday, April 19th,  I really did not want to do my workout but I dragged myself up on the elliptical.  Of course, afterwards I was glad I did.  🙂

wpid-img_2014041751210.jpgIt’s elliptical time again on Thursday, April 17th.  We had just driven back from our little get-away at the Oregon Coast.  After sitting in the car, I was ready to roll!

On Tuesday, April 15th, I swam at the indoor pool at the motel on the Oregon Coast.  30 minutes and 164 calories burned.  Al and I went to Rockaway Beach on the Oregon coast for a couple of days and it was so nice to just relax and listen to the ocean.  You can see the slideshow by clicking HERE.

wpid-img_2014041426136.jpgOn Monday, April 14th, I hopped up on the elliptical after weighing in at 208 lbs.  Monday are my weigh-in days.  I was down 1.6 lbs for the week.

button3up As for my Journey, I did the Elliptical L10, 45 min, 3.4 miles, 411 calories burned. I’ve been having a little pity party because the scale isn’t cooperating with all my good deeds.  I know I’m 16 years older and I have to remember not to compare my Journey to Goals. I will keep on keeping on.  I listened to the Avoiding Temptation track on my Enjoying Weight Loss Hypnosis CDs. button2up



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    Slow and Steady Wins The Race !!!! Your doing it Dottie !! My weight loss has been slow as well, but I know slow is better. Ive been doing great for about 6 weeks and yesterday afternoon it hit me… cravings for sugar. I went off the rails. Not sure what causes this. I WAS tired and am blaming that. But today is another day and I am back on track ! Does this ever happen to you Dottie ? Where your going great then all of a sudden one day your just fighting the cravings all day long? I guess one day out of 6 weeks isn’t bad. I can handle that. LOL Your doing Amazing and I see Al is too! its great your doing this together. Keep up the great work and you will be at goal before you know it. You continue to inspire me to keep going with my weight loss journey ! Thanks !

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      Dotti Coon

      Thank you Marina. Yes, I have had the cravings hit hard and there are days that when I start eating carbs I find myself wanting more and more. I do better when I keep my carbs under 200g/day and am finding that for the most part, my carbs are coming in at 100-150g/day. I won’t ever give up carbs as I feel we need them in our diet but keeping them low is a good thing. You are doing awesome and you are keeping on the Journey. I’m so proud of you. Together we will make it to our goals. Have an awesome day!

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    Al Coon

    Dotti, you had another great week! Don’t forget you you were lower than your weigh-in last week, on two days this week (207.8 on Tuesday, and 207.5 on Thursday!), and you were under this Monday’s weigh-in, four days this week! You are doing awesome and you just jumped up from water weight and nothing more. Next week will just be that much better on the scale!

    Also, your calories are not over at all! If anything you are eating low. You have exercised on the elliptical 7 times the past 13 days, or once every other day, despite our trip to the coast! You even jumped up on the elliptical the day we got back home! As our son Glenn says, you are in “Beast Mode” in your exercise! 🙂 If you look up success in the dictionary, there is your picture!!!!

    I am really proud of you Babe; you are doing AWESOME!!!

    And thanks for the wonderful mini-vacation to the coast, it was GREAAAAAT!!!

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    Just Jan

    I am also finding this time around a little slower. I have had to change things up to get my body to respond this time as well. One of my favourite quotes goes through me head a lot…..Just keep swimming….just keep swimming :)

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