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Time to Catch Up Wednesday, April 9, 2014

I guess it’s about time to get my butt in gear and start posting again.  I had a bad week last week but this week is starting to look pretty good.  When I say I had a bad week, I mean I was not feeling good and had a hard time focusing on the Journey and myself.  I journaled throughout the week and I had a maintain at my weekly weigh-in scalegood  on Monday, 4/7/14.  I did my elliptical but missed a couple of sessions.  I got back on my every-other-day routine today.  Last week I did my workout on 4/9/2014  4/6/2014  ~  4/3/14  ~  4/1/2014 and was proud of myself for doing the workouts.


IMG_2014040126206Level 10 is kicking my butt.  I will not back down to Level 9 or cut my 45 minutes but I will keep with it and not give up.   I love the elliptical because it doesn’t hurt my knees or my hips and gives me a really good workout.  It’s my choice of exercise machines.

I made a new recipe in the crockpot, Dotti’s Turkey Chili with Rice & Quinoa,  which I will post after this.  Along with my crockpot creation  I tried another new recipe, Parmesan Biscuits.  Yummy!

Hope this update finds you all well.  I’ll make an effort to post more often in the future.  Thanks for not giving up on me.  hug13

button3up As for my Journey, I am hanging in there.  I’ve had a bad week or so but continued to Journal throughout that time.  I also did my elliptical workouts but missed a few.  I listened to the “Eating Smart” and “Exercise” track on my  Enjoying Weight Loss Hypnosis CDs . Moving on down to Onederland! button2up



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    Al Coon

    You had a great week Dotti! You didn’t go over on your calories for the week at all! You even exercised when you didn’t feel like it. Remember you had a double loss and more last week, with a drop of 2.2 pounds, while you have been averaging about a pound a week loss. So, between last week and this week you lost 1.1 pounds per week. You are doing great! Keep focusing on what you are doing and don’t worry about the scale. You are eating right and exercising right and that means you are having a great week, no matter what the scale says.


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    You are doing so well. Al is right, your body is just catching up. I am so surprised that you can do so well with your elliptical. Go Girl!! I am facing a knee replacement in September and I am so surprised to hear the elliptical doesn’t bother your knees or hips. I have been doing the stationary bike as it’s easy on my knees. I will have to try the elliptical. What brand to you have?

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