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Saturday ~ March 29, 2014

Elliptical_Mar29_2014I have not been feeling well the last couple of days so missed my workout yesterday.  I was determined to get a workout done today.

Tomorrow my little brother Rip will be coming to dinner and I’m trying a new crockpot recipe, BBQ Chicken, which I’ll put on rolls.  It is cooking now and smells so good.  I’ll post the recipe if I like it, which I think I will.  One of my Admins on my Message Board passed it along to me and I’ve been dying to try it.

button3up As for my Journey, I did the Elliptical L10, 45 min, 3.6 miles, 433 calories burned. I drank lots of water/fluids today and stayed within my food budget for the day.  It was a good day even though I wasn’t feeling well.  Moving on down to Onederland! button2up



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    Christy Troehler

    Thank you for the encouragement. Unfortunately my graph is the opposite of yours. I seem to have lost something called satiety. It is maddening. I’m not sure if you recognize it but you have lost years also. You are looking younger. I hope it also feels that way.

    • Dotti


      Thank you! I do feel 10 years younger just losing the 41 pounds I’ve lost. You can do this. Never, ever, give up wanting a healthy new you. I have faith in you. (((HUGS)))

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    Chargaile Askew

    Dottie, hope you are feeling better by today. In addition to subscribing to your blog, I also get your monthly newsletter for DWLZ. I loved the things that Al said in the last post. It makes any journey easier when you have such a loving and supportive spouse. I know this from experience. You are really doing an amazing job. You do give me encouragement and continue to remind me that it is a slow journey. I am learning to accept that.

    Have a wonderful day and the chicken BBQ sounds good.

    • Dotti


      I posted the BBQ Chicken recipe. Yes, we are lucky to have supportive spouses. I know many do not. 🙁 I’ve also had to accept the fact this Journey back to goal is not going to be as fast as my original Journey to Goal back in 1998. I still find it hard to believe that was 16 years ago. Keep on keeping on.

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