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Tuesday ~ March 25, 2014

The days are flying by.  I’ve been out running errands and grocery shopping the last couple of days and it seems like the day is over so fast.  I guess that part of getting old.  🙂

WEIGH-IN DAY (yesterday) – 211.0 lbs, down 2.0 lbs

IMG_2014032453646 I finally made the 40 lbs total lost and I am stoked.  I did my elliptical on level 10 IMAG1966_1and felt great afterwards.  I also got an extra walking workout in while browsing Goodwill Thrift Store.  My back definately told me I was walking/standing for three hours.

I went shopping in my closet again and found a new outfit to wear.  I just love shopping in my own closet.  I have pants down to size 10 waiting for me, along with smaller shirts.  I finally fit into some new PJs that I love.  I feel like I’ve given new meaning to “shopping at home”.   🙂

button3up As for my Journey, I lost 2 lbs for my weekly weigh-in on yesterday, bringing my total lost to 40 lbs.  On Monday, I did the Elliptical L10, 45 min, 3.4 miles, 413 calories burned. I  I’m well within my food allowance for the day. Listened to my “Eating Smart” track on my  Enjoying Weight Loss Hypnosis CDs . Moving on down to Onederland!   button2up



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    CONGRATS Dottie on reaching it to 40 lbs !!!! Your doing Amazing !! Keep up the great elliptical workouts !! Your flying on that thing. Don’t you feel so energized when you do that. I work out every day on my treadmill and it really makes me feel great. MY new mantra is ” Keep Calm and Work Out !” LOL I find it to be a wonderful de stressor ! You continue to inspire me to work out more, and weigh less !

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