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    Thursday, September 25, 2014

    Evening everyone!  I’ve had a busy week. I’m keeping up with my elliptical workout.  My goal has been to complete 45 minutes on Level 9 and go at least 3 miles.  I always feel so great when I’m done working out, so, why do I stop? On Monday Al & I visited a new corn maze. We walked, mostly fast paced, for 2.5 hours. They had a “clue” game where you had to find 6 clues and punch your card at the 6 stations. We went round and round and round and round and could only find 4 of them. After 2.5 hours and about 4 miles, we called it quits. Our bodies had had enough. It didn’t help that the ground was very uneven which is a workout for my hips, and not always in a good way. All in all it was a great day and great exercise. The baby pig kept leaving the pen but didn’t go far. The owners said she is a smart one and loves to go in and out. She was rather cute. Tuesday was a complete rest day. I was really sore from the maze adventure due to the fact that I…

  • Animals,  Exercise,  Weight Loss

    Oregon Zoo Walk with Al ~ March 12, 2014

    Al and I had a wonderful day at the Oregon Zoo. It was a bit cold (33º with a promise of 61° later). The sun was out in a clear blue sky. We missed a lot of animals and retraced our steps alot due to ongoing construction. It will be awesome when it’s finished. There were 3 new lion cubs that were out posing for us with Mom & Dad. The bears were in a very playful mood and were even climbing a tree. They put on a good show.

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