Merry Christmas 2014


Hi everyone!  It’s been awhile since I posted.  I’ve had a busy couple of months with some changes in my life.

In October,  Al and I headed up to Spokane to help our granddaughter, Emily, celebrate her 3rd birthday.  She loved her Minnie Mouse party at a Jumping/Sliding place, with all the trimmings and we loved celebrating with her.  We stayed with LeRoy, Rachel, and the kids for a week and had a blast.  Miss Emily is such a sweetheart and really loved having Grammy and Grandpa to spoil.  Al & I and LeRoy & Rachel all had a double-date to Silverwood Theme Park for Scarywood.  We all had such a good time and great memories were made.  Emily’s birthday is October 7th and mine is October 5th, so we both had a great week.  LeRoy took me out for the day on my birthday and spoiled me rotten.  First, a trip to our favorite restaurant, Red Lobster (we are the only two who like it).  After that, he took me to Kay’s and had me pick out something just for me.  I got a beautiful heart necklace.  We finished the day with a visit to our favorite collectible store where he bought me a beautiful dragon ornament.  My boys gave me a great birthday this year.  They are awesome sons.


DSCN8230I’ve been busy with a new job that I started on October 14, 2014.   I work in the Deli Department.  I’m loving the job and getting out among people again.  It’s a hard job; on my feet 8-9 hours a day and running constantly.  Some days I feel I’ve run a marathon (or two) but I’m always up for the tasks at hand. I do enjoy the job. I’m looking forward to the medical kicking in, as Al and I need that since we are paying an outrageous price every month and we cannot afford it.  Times have been tough.  We are looking forward to a great New Year.

I’m still on my Lifetime Journey and always will be.  Life has gotten busier and I’ve put back on a few pounds but I’m hanging in there.  I have not gotten into a routine with my eating and journaling but it will happen.  Exercise has not been a problem since I started working.  In fact, I’m getting so much exercise during my shifts that I have no problem falling asleep at bedtime.  I usually work the 4 am to 1 pm shift, which I love.  I get to get the display case set up and looking pretty, slicing the meats and cheeses and making the salads (20 of them).  I cook the chickens, fry the foods for the hot case, customer service (I love interacting with the customers), and a lot more.

Our granddaughters, Emily and Sarah, had a great time visiting Santa at the mall.  Emily went right up to him and wasn’t shy at all.  Sarah had to be paid $10 to sit on Santa’s lap.  Her Mom was more than willing to dole out the bucks.  LOL  In the middle pic, Emily is giving my son, LeRoy aka Daddy, a big hug.  She loves her Daddy.


I am hoping that this post finds all of you having a wonderful holiday with your friends and family. We are going to my brother, Bobs, again for Christmas Day dinner. My little brother, Rip and Robert & Chrystina & baby Sophie, will also be there. I’m dying to see little Sophie. She has gotten so big. Samantha will have to work but I hope we see her before she heads to work.  We are having lasagna and turkey – good fixings. I’m going to bring a Dreamscicle dessert, Upside-Down Pineapple cake (Cathi’s favorite), and some deviled eggs, which we all love. I’m so glad the store is closed for the day, giving us a day off.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


40th Anniversary of Our 1st Date

1stDateCollageSMToday is the 40th anniversary of our first date – climbing to the top of Multnomah Falls.  We walked to the top on May 30, 2014.  Fond memories.

Al has been writing about how we met back in September 1974.  If you would like to read about it please click on the links below.  I’ve put them in order of his writing.  Did I tell you that I just love how my Al writes?  He makes it feel like you are right there.

Section 1 – Al & Dotti’s Love Story
Section 2 – Al & Dotti’s Love Story

Tomorrow I have my job interview with the Grocery Manager at Fred Meyers.  Wish me luck!

Have an awesome week everyone.


Thursday, September 25, 2014

Evening everyone!  I’ve had a busy week. I’m keeping up with my elliptical workout.  My goal has been to complete 45 minutes on Level 9 and go at least 3 miles.  I always feel so great when I’m done working out, so, why do I stop?

wpid-wp-1411709315933.jpeg wpid-img_2014092015414.jpg

On Monday Al & I visited a new corn maze. We walked, mostly fast paced, for 2.5 hours. They had a “clue” game where you had to find 6 clues and punch your card at the 6 stations. We went round and round and round and round and could only find 4 of them. After 2.5 hours and about 4 miles, we called it quits. Our bodies had had enough. It didn’t help that the ground was very uneven which is a workout for my hips, and not always in a good way. All in all it was a great day and great exercise. The baby pig kept leaving the pen but didn’t go far. The owners said she is a smart one and loves to go in and out. She was rather cute.

Tuesday was a complete rest day. I was really sore from the maze adventure due to the fact that I was using muscles that haven’t been visited for awhile. The elliptical uses totally different muscles. I hit the elliptical yesterday and did 3.3 miles burning 390 calories.

I’m still trying to get back in the habit of tracking. It’s slow in coming but it’s coming along. I am getting a lot more water in, about 8-10 glasses a day. That’s an accomplishment in itself.

I’ve put a couple applications for work online at Fred Meyer (large grocery/department store; LeRoy and Rachel work there in Spokane) and Starbucks. Both stores offer medical, etc. after working a certain amount of time, 20+ hours a week. Fred Meyer has more room for advancing if I choose to do that. I need to work for several reasons. I need to get back out and about and around people and, medical is killing us ($1000/mos/6350 deductible) every month. It would be worth it just for the medical.

I had a group interview on Tuesday and it went well.  I received a second call yesterday for an interview on Monday with the Grocery and maybe, the Deli manager. Wish me luck.

SophiaAlDotSept2014Collage2Our neice, Sophia, came to visit with her parents the other day. She is now two months old. My, they grow up so fast. We had a nice visit with the kids and Sophia was such a joy.

Dannon Light Fit 80 RaspberryChocolaterain7I finally found the Dannon Light & Fit Greek Yogurt, Raspberry Chocolate!  YUM and only 80 calories.  I haven’t found the Cherry Chocolate yet.

We are having great fall weather and I’ve enjoyed opening all the windows and door letting the fresh air in. The rain has finally arrived and it was most welcome.  We’ve been in a bit of a dry spell so it was nice.

button3up As for my Journey, I am feeling more in control each day as I return to my healthy lifestyle routine. I’m doing well on the habit of journaling.  I’ve missed a couple days but am journaling for the most part.  Exercising has been going well and I’ve been getting a lot more water every day.  I’m listening to my Enjoying Weight Loss Hypnosis CDs again to help keep me motivated and focused. They never fail me when I take the time to listen to the different tracks on the CDs. Why I quit, I’ll never know.  I love Dr. Roberta Temes.button2up