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Walking Again ~ I Want It Now

Walking Again ~ I Want It Now

Good evening my friends.

My surgery on February 10th to get my screws removed from my ankle went well.  I was told I could walk with my walker and in my boot.  When I first tried to step down on the foot I was surprised it hurt so very much and that I couldn’t even come close to stepping completely on the foot.  Discouragement set in.  Now, almost 2 weeks later, I have seen a lot of progress.  I’m walking faster with my walker but still not stepping completely down on my foot.  I tried to take a step with my cane and it was a no-go for now.  🙁  I have an appointment on February 23rd to get my stitches out.  I will then get a referral for PT.  Hopefully Workman’s Comp will give me enough sessions to start walking on my own again.

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Saturday ~ January 30, 2016

Saturday ~ January 30, 2016


Can you believe January is almost over?  Where does the time go.  Starting out todays visit with a few photos of our grandkids.  Jacob is getting so big.  He will be 4 months on February 2nd.


Emily is loving the fact that Jacob is old enough to “play with”.  She sure loves her little brother.

We just got done talking to Emily on the phone and she is quite the chatterbox.  Love EmilyJacob_2016-01-29talking with her.  She still





remembers visiting here and going to the beach and Oregon Zoo.

Hopefully, one of these days, we can get up to Spokane to meet our little grandson and see Emily again.  We sure do miss them.  Thank goodness for Dropbox and Skype.

About my work status:  I haven’t returned to work on light duty yet and don’t plan to until my screws are removed on February 10th and I can walk on my right foot again.  I’m just not comfortable in the wheelchair and going to the restroom alone.  My Primary doctor has written a note to that effect.  I haven’t heard back from the powers-that-be concerning this.  I really don’t see why my recuperating at home until I can get out of this wheelchair is a problem.  So for now, I wait to hear the latest.  I cannot wait to get these screws out of my ankle and be on my way to full recovery.

Al and I are still updating DWLZ Restaurants to Smart Points, leaving the Winning Points and Points Plus in place.  It’s a long process but we are making progress.

I never weighed before I broke my leg but I sure do feel like I’ve lost some weight these last 3 months.  My clothes are definately fitting me looser.  I’m watching what I eat but lacking in my water for the day, so must work on that.  One day at a time, no guilt and move on.  I will keep on keeping on.

Hoping this post finds you all well.  hugsandprayers to all who need it.  Have a wonderful rest of your weekend.  Until next time…


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