October 5, 2002

After parking our car, we walked up some stair onto Madison St. Looking back we could see Portland's downtown area.
After crossing over Front Ave. we took another set of stairs down and looking east we could see the Hawthorn Bridge. It has recently been renovated, and instead of the ugly tan it used to be it now is far more colorful.
Looking north we could see the Portland Spirit tied to the pier. We were a bit early, for the cruise and to fill in the time we started walking south along the Willamette River.
Here we were walking under the Hawthorne Bridge. In the distance you can see I-5, which runs north-south skirting downtown Portland on the east side of the Willamette River.
Looking south, we see the Interstate 5 take a turn to the southwest, and cross over the Willamette River on the Marquim Bridge. Underneath the bridge we can see the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, and the submarine that they have docked there. I am told that parents can rent a night-over for their kids on the sub, for a party. That ought to be fun.

As we were walking south, downtown was on our right to the east.
Looking south we could see the Riverfront Park area, and some "yuppie" shops in the distance. Straight ahead you can see a marina with quite a number of boats tied up.

What a beautiful sight! Here my two lovely dinner companions are clearly enjoying themselves.

The pathway cuts east here towards the river, and on the grass you can see a flock of geese having a picnic get together.

Tracy first spotted this little waterfall along the path, and decided to take a picture of it too. It was quite a cheery little stream.

Dotti took this picture of Tracy and I.
Here Tracy and Dotti are standing in front of the Salmon Street Fountain, located right at the end of Salmon Street. When I first met Dotti in 1974, she was working 5 blocks west of this point in a building at the corner of Salmon and 6th Street.

Tracy snapped this shot of Dotti and I in front of the same fountain.
Finally we made it onto the boat, and were seated.
Here is Tracy with her beautiful smile.

And here is my lovely Dotti getting ready for a wonderful cruise and a great meal.

Dotti and Al, anticipating the the fun we were going to have,
just as we were getting underway.

My two beautiful dinner companions!

Here are the three of us getting ready to board the ship.

And here is one of Dotti and I.

Here is the Portland Spirit underway.