CONFERENCE PHOTOS - April 21, 2001
Saturday Night Session

Evening Session - Fashion Show, Musical & Other Pics


Becca with her old,
baggy sweatshirt

Donna in her
Size 20 suit
she used to wear

Vicki in her
big top

Elisabeth in before and
after outfit - WOW!

Marianne "before"

Marianne - Her
special pose!
You go girl!

Jackie modeling
her outfit

Runway Barb!
Does she look
happy or what?

Barbara in her
"before" jeans -
after getting her 10%

Kelly showing her
very big before jeans

Kitty in her
"before" suit

Kitty peeling off
her "before" clothes

Becca in her Size 24
wedding dress

Becca in a new dress
Alistair got her for
their "goal" cruise

The Cruise Dress

Dotti in her
"before" jeans
Size 24

Tracy, Karen, Brenda

Singing "Dotti's Nice"
to Dotti

WOW - thank you!

Barbara, Lissa, Becca,
Kitty, Marianne

The One & Only!

Karen, Rick &

Jackie & Barbara

Brenda, Jackie &

Robin, Avril &

Sally, Mary Ann,
Carol & David