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If you are here searching for Dotti’s Points Calculator, I am sorry, but Weight Watchers ® has forced me to take it down. With all the wonderful employees in the Weight Watchers ® organization, it sometimes is easy to forget that Weight Watchers ® is first and foremost a business. They are concerned that the free calculator that I gave away would perhaps, somehow pull some money from their pockets. Of course, I feel that is ridiculous because Weight Watchers ® does not offer a simple, computer based calculator.

I am a law-abiding citizen and have no desire to infringe upon Weight Watchers ® patent, and therefore, with great sadness, I have removed the calculator from my page. My apologies for this cruel turn of events.


This email came from John - Thank You John!  "I located the patent #6040531 which was just approved 3/21/2000. Remember anything filed/approved with the US Patent Office is open domain for examination.

To Read W.W.'s Patent Click Here

Below is the email I received from Robert W. Hollweg, Vice President, Secretary and General Counsel of Weight Watchers International, Inc, asking me to take it off of my site.

Subj: POINTS calculator
Date: 5/18/00 2:01:59 PM Pacific Daylight Time
From: Legal@weight-watchers.com (Legal)
To: craftidot@home.com

May 18, 2000

Dear Dotti:

Thank you for your email response regarding the POINTS® calculator posted on your website www.dottisweightlosszone.com.

I attempted to call you to discuss this matter, but unfortunately the phone number listed in a "whois" was incorrect.

Although I too feel that having an online POINTS calculator is a helpful tool, I must ask that you take it off your site. You see, as an owner of a patent it is our legal responsibility to protect how it is used, if protection is not enforced the patent is jeopardized.

Our POINTS calculator is a valuable part of the Weight Watchers® program and we would not want to see POINTS calculators populating amongst our competitors, on or offline versions. If competitors see that POINTS calculators are used without the permission of Weight Watchers International, they will assume we are not enforcing our rights as patent owners.

By helping us put an end to the misuses, together we are making a statement that POINTS is our proprietary information, protected by a patent. We hope that this will eliminate the chances of being copied by the likes of others in our health and nutrition field.

Again, we are grateful for your support, and welcome your input and thoughts on this topic.

Yours truly,

Robert W. Hollweg
Vice President, Secretary and General Counsel
Weight Watchers International, Inc.
Woodbury NY

I would like to thank everyone for the wonderful, supportive emails that I have received during this time.  
You can't even begin to know how they have made me feel!  You are the BEST!  Dotti

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