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Happy New Year          

New Years Resolution Sale!

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DWLZ will be updating all the restaurants and food values on the webpage, iPhone App, and Android App, to the new PointsPlus values, while continuing to also provide the old Point values.

Please be patient with us as this is a huge undertaking.
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Hi everyone!  How are all of you doing in our new year - 2011?  Can you believe
it's 2011 already? 

Al and I had a wonderful Christmas.  My brothers Rip and Bob, and his wife Cathi drove up from Portland, OR for a nice visit.  It had been way too long between visits. We made some great memories. 

The weather here has been freezing lately and we had about 9 inches of snow while the family was here.  So pretty!


I've been busy trying to get our restaurant files converted to the new PointsPlus values and that has been a full time job.  Thank goodness I have some volunteers from the message board to help or we'd never get them updated.  THANK YOU my friends for all your help.  It is greatly appreciated. 

Al wrote a wonderful article on creating the kind of year YOU want in 2011. I think you will enjoy it, as I have. 

Let's go grab that nice tall glass of sparkling water and settle into our comfy chair for a nice visit. Don’t forget to bring that great smile Smile of yours.

Hugs! Dotti

Creating Your Year
    By Al Coon

Two men were sitting in a dark room, a wooden table stood between them, as they looked up at a TV screen on the wall. As one took a drink, the other said, "I'll bet you five dollars that guy will go off the cliff." The other guy replied, "You're on!"

A few moments later the man on the screen stumbled, and he fell over the cliff. As the loser of the wager reached for his wallet, the other guy said to him, "Hey, I can't take your money. I saw that movie before." The man's hand didn't waver as he continued to pull out his wallet and handed over the money. "I saw it too," he replied. "But I didn't think he was dumb enough to do it again."

We laugh at such stupidity, but then...

Will We Do The Same Thing Again?

Sometimes it seems as though we were living in a movie with the script all set before we even get up in the morning. We make the same mistakes and try the same ineffective remedies to counter them. Why do we do this?

In part it is simple comfort that drives us. It is comfortable to do what we are familiar with. We don't have to think about things that way. We simply do what feels natural and it feels good, at least for the moment. We are hungry and so we grab something fast, easy, and tasty and worry about the consequences later.

At some point, things cannot be ignored any longer and we go into a mad frenzy trying to fix the pile of consequences that have grown up around us, threatening to overwhelm us.

Some of this goes on in fits and spurts, but part of it is as predictable as the seasons. We know we will throw caution to the wind for the Holidays, and then start the new year with a strong will to set things right. We will try and get as thin as we can for the swimsuit season and lose heart before we get there. There is always next year we think, but time marches on and sooner or later we realize that next year is promised to no one.

Cars, Mileage, and Us

Think of a 20 or 30-year old car, and what comes to your mind? Is it the picture of a rundown, limping antique that is ready for the junkyard, or do you see a sleek freshly painted and waxed, highly tuned collector's dream? What is the difference?

The state of a car is not shown only in the miles it has traveled. Generally, youth is good, in cars as well as humans. However, age means completely different things when the treatment a car receives is different. Think of a car that has had all its oil changes, parts replaced as they age, and all problems addressed as they come up. The car will shine, literally and figuratively.

On the other hand, a car that has been neglected, and run without care, will start to limp early, and give lots of trouble after 20 years. Many cars are scrapped before they get to be that old.

The human body has many things in common with a car. We have moving parts, and we burn calories, to provide locomotion. We have points of wear, and we require the correct fuel and maintenance in order to remain healthy and in top form.

Just like with a new car, youth is a great blanket with which to cover up our mistakes early on. We can eat poorly, and exercise little and even carry excess weight in our youth and continue to live on as if there were hardly anything wrong. But like the abused car, this will take a toll, and we will wear out far too soon.

Creating Your New Year

Okay, we know what we shouldn't do, and we know that we have been doing those things anyway. How do we change this script? How do we keep from jumping off the cliff one more time, when the January Resolution fever has cooled off?

Start off with a program that you know is tried and true. You want something that you won't have to change over and over again. Dotti and I are very much committed to the Weight Watchers system.

But whatever program you choose it must have these elements:

  1. A nutritionally sound basis

  2. Potential for gastronomical delightfulness

  3. A sufficient exercise component

  4. A durable lifespan
Here are some things that you should avoid in the program you choose:
  1. Removing entire food groups from your diet

  2. Giving up any type of food temporarily in order to lose weight

  3. Promises of weight loss with no exercise

  4. Doing anything that you find painful that you plan to give up once you reach your goal weight
Once you have a good program in hand, the next step is to sit down with it and visualize how you are going to use this program every day for the rest of your life. The risk you face right now is that you will have a frenzy of effort, work incredibly hard for a while, producing some success, and then run out of energy, and give up. Remember the guy falling off the cliff yet again? That is your danger, as it is mine. We have all not only seen that movie, we have lived it over and over again.

The Facts of Life

Think of a tank, or the hull of a ship, and there is water leaking into it at a very constant rate of 1 gallon per day. If you fill up a one-gallon jug of water from that which has been collected inside, and dump it outside, and you do that every day for an entire year, you will maintain the current level of water in the container.

If on the other hand, you frantically start hauling water, and you move 10 gallons a day, for a week, and then tire and quit, at the end of the year, you will have moved out 70 gallons, but you will have nearly 300 gallons of extra water that has collected in the container. One gallon a day is far better than 10 gallons per day, if you can sustain that rate, instead of giving up on the faster rate.

Sustained effort is what rules the day for weight loss. A small amount of prevention will hold off huge amounts of corrective weight loss later. It is during each day that you decide to be thin or not. It is a process that continues on for the rest of your life. And like the water container, it is the small every day effort that matters most.

Dotti and I are climbing out of the river, from our last dive over the cliff, and I honestly believe that this will be the final time, because the stakes are so high. (See our Joint Weight Loss Journal page for details.) But I can tell you about what I learned in 2001, when I dropped over 50 pounds and kept it off for several years.

I started off feeling very excited in May of 2001, and I remained very focused all the way down to goal, and then proceeded to maintain my weight for several years (year 1, year 2, year 3, and year 4). This is not to say that I am anything special for having done this.

Willpower Is Not the Issue

I am here to say that my willpower is not any greater than yours. It was not me, but it was the system I had in place that kept me at goal for all those years. It was easy, and it was painless; otherwise I would not have been able to do it!

Not to change the subject—much…I have a journal that I kept when I was quitting smoking and I was a pitiful example of willpower, as I failed over and over again. Even after I quit for 5 years I started smoking again! I had to quit yet again, and it has been over 12 years now, since I had my last cigarette. It was system, not willpower that finally worked for me!

What makes weight loss work, really work, is your shaping a daily routine that includes the things you need in your diet and your exercise, and doing just that little bit each day. That is the secret. Make it easy, and do it every day. Don't get tricky and don't get crazy. Simple is best.

What are you going to eat for breakfast? You should be able to answer that question before you set off to eat it. What about the time between breakfast and lunch? What are you eating for lunch? Afternoon snacks? Dinner? Evening munching? At the end of the day how much will you have eaten? What will you do for exercise?

While there are a lot of items to consider, routine is your ally. Once you have breakfast in place, you have done the hard work for getting breakfast lined up for tomorrow too, and the next day. By doing the same thing each day, or on alternate days, etc., you can simplify your life. When you can do the right thing easily and without thought, you have taken a huge step towards reaching your goal weight and maintaining yourself at it.

Let's Believe Together!

I believe this is extremely important to your quality of life, as well as your longevity. I also believe that you can do this, if you focus on the right things: nutritional sanity vs. fad diet; simple vs. complicated; routine building vs. winging it; finding a healthy path you enjoy vs. doing something painful temporarily for weight loss; and living today as if it were a wonderful gift that you have been given to make things better.

Here is a new year before you. It is your year. Take it, enjoy it, and shape your life so that you will be ready next year to say, "I will be completely satisfied if I do as well in 2012 as I did in 2011."

Wishing you the very best,

Don't forget to come and check on our progress at:

Dotti and Al's Weekly Journal

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Vitalicious® VitaTops, VitaMuffins and VitaBrownies are delicious. They are healthy, taste great and fit within any program you are using to attain your healthy new lifestyle~ Dotti

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Garden Vegetable Soup

This is a great soup on a cold day and it won't set you back on your Program either!  0 Points! You can add whatever other veggies you want too since they are all 0 Points [new and old Program]

     Makes 4 servings


  • 2/3 cup sliced carrot
  • 1/2 cup diced onion
  • 2 garlic cloves, minced
  • 3 cups broth (beef, chicken, or vegetable)
  • 1-1/2 cups diced green cabbage
  • 1/2 cup green beans
  • 1 tbsp tomato paste
  • 1/2 tsp dried basil
  • 1/4 tsp dried oregano
  • 1/4 tsp salt
  • 1/2 cup diced zucchini

In large saucepan, sprayed with nonstick cooking spray, sauté carrot, onion, and garlic over low heat until softened, about 5 minutes. 

Add broth, cabbage, beans, tomato paste, basil, oregano and salt; bring to a boil. Lower heat and simmer, covered, about 15 minutes or until beans are tender.

Stir in zucchini and heat 3 - 4 minutes. Serve hot.

Per 1 cup Serving: *0 Points (old & new Program)


New Year's Resolution Sale!

We have been very happy to see the wonderful response to Dotti's Food Score. Our app climbed up to number 8 in the iPhone Health and Fitness category the first week of January, and is in the top 300 apps overall! Dotti's Food Score iPhone App (We want to thank those of you who have taken the time to give us high marks at the iPhone store!)

Available for the Android, iPhone,
  iPad and the iPod Touch!
Thumbs Up!

We are working hard not only to keep Dotti's Food Score current but also to improve it! It will only get better with time. This is not a "throw away app," like so many of them are, where you buy it, try it, and then forget it!

When you go out to eat, you can know what to order, and how much you are eating by checking Dotti's Food Score, and let it help you make the right choices. With nearly 600 restaurants to choose from you will almost always find, your exact restaurant, or if not, one that is very similar to it, to give you help in making an estimate about menu items and their nutritional value.

NOTE: We are updating our database to include BOTH Programs (the new one that just came out, and the one that we already covered).  Thank you for your patience as we work through this project.

Any Questions? Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page! < click >

Food Finds

I am finding more and more of the Morningstar products that I like.  They are delicious and low in calories.  What could be better?  These are a few of my favorites.

       Emerald 100 Calorie Packs, Natural Almonds, 1 pack
          [100 cal/9g fat/2g fiber/4g carbs/0mg sodium/4g protein/0.5g saturated fat] *3 (2.5)
       Brothers-All-Natural Crisps, 100% Fuji Apple, 1 bag
          [40 cal/0g fat/2g fiber/9g carbs/0mg sodium/0g protein/0g saturated fat] *1 (0.5)
       Brothers-All-Natural Crisps, 100% Strawberry & Banana, 1 bag
          [45 cal/0g fat/2g fiber/11g carbs/0mg sodium/1g protein/0g saturated fat] *1.5 (0.5)
       Brothers-All-Natural Crisps, 100% Asian Pear, 1 bag
          [35 cal/0g fat/1g fiber/9g carbs/0mg sodium/0g protein/0g saturated fat] *1 (0.5)

Weight Loss is 90% Mental

Just like Matt Hoover, I use Dr. Roberta's Enjoying Weight Loss Hypnosis CDs as an important help on my lifelong Journey to a healthier me:
  • Whenever I listen to these CDs—I have a good day on program.
  • Whenever I have failed to do well on program, it has always been when I stopped
    listening regularly.
  • They continue to be an irreplaceable part of my Journey back to goal!

Enjoying Weight Loss

The "Enjoying Weight Loss"
hypnosis CDs help me to be the
best I can be on Program. ~Dotti~

Mental Toughness
FREE w/order
This is a great tool to
help you stay motivated,
focused, and positive.

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If you would like a power assist on your Journey I highly recommend the
Enjoying Weight Loss Hypnosis CDs!

Want to know more?

  • There's lots of info on our Review Page—how this has worked for me.
  • Don't want to pay all at once?—Just choose 3 equal installments!

What can you do to get your mind onboard with your weight loss desires?
     —I honestly believe this is an answer to a dilemma that we all face.

Smart Steps for Success

Here are a few smart ways to keep successful on your Journey. 

  1. Don't throw any grocery item into your cart UNTIL you look at the nutritional label.  Ignoring the nutritional labels can cause weight gain and eventually jeopardize your health, according to a new study.  People who glance at the labels tend to eat fewer calories, more fiber, and less fat, cholesterol, sodium and sugar than people who don't.  Make it a habit!

  2. 70% of people [That is 2.8, or nearly 3, out of every 4 people. That is a huge percentage! -Al] don't get enough magnesium, a mineral that boosts energy levels as well as heart and muscle function.  "It's important you get the recommended 320mg a day," says Lisa Dorfman, R.D., a professor of exercise and sport science at the University of Miami in Florida. Taking a multi-vitamin is good, but it only provides 10-25% of the daily allowance. Some good magnesium-rich foods - black beans, spinach and halibut.  Fill up.

  3. Panda Express Food Swap - Put down the Beijing Beef at 850 calories and 50g fat and eat up the Broccoli Beef at 150 calories and 6g of fat.

  4. Eating organic foods is not always the best choice for weight loss.  Many think eating organically means you can eat more but if you are trying to lose weight, focusing on smaller portion sizes, limiting bad fats and exercising more is far better for you.

  5. If there is no safe place to walk, or the weather is bad, try walking at the mall before the stores open.  It's always available so why not take some time and get some walking in.

~~~Family Circle 2009

Software You Can Use! — And Now Available Online!

A Note Weight Commander

The Weight Commander is an awesome program for your Journey. I highly recommend it to all those who are on a Journey of their own. It is a wonderful program to track your progress on any weight loss program you are using. You can read My Review of the Weight Commander or go straight to the source and check out this great software by following this link to Weight Commander. He has many tips and ideas throughout his program, which will help you to be successful on your Journey.

And for those who don't feel comfortable downloading software, or who cringe when Windows gives them another unnecessary warning about running perfectly safe software, Michael has created a wonderful online version of Weight Commander, where you can always access your information with privacy, with no worry about trying to transfer it from computer to computer when you switch. You can of course still get the software version (which continues to work very well, even on my Windows Vista computer), but the online version of Weight Commander is a wonderful new option! You make the choice, but you win either way. Smile

10 Super Foods... For Better Health

Keep these foods on your shopping list for a healthy diet.

  1. Sweet Potatoes - A nutritional All-Star - one of the best vegetables you can eat.  They're loaded with carotenoids, vitamin C, potassium, and fiber.  Bake and then mix in some unsweetened applesauce or crushed pineapple for extra moisture and sweetness.
  2. Mangoes - Just one cup of mango supplies 3/4 of a day's vitamin C, 1/4 of a day's vitamin A, a decent dose of blood-pressure-lowering potassium, and 3 grams of fiber.  Bonus: mango is one of the fruits least likely to have harmful pesticide residue.
  3. Unsweetened Yogurt - Plain yogurt has a pleasant tartness that's a perfect foil for the natural sweetness of berries, bananas, or for your favorite breakfast cereal.  It has more protein, potassium, calcium, zinc, and vitamins B-6 and B-12 than sweetened yogurt.  That's because it doesn't have to share the container with the sugary preserves or the sugar that's in many flavored yogurts. 
  4. Broccoli - It has lots of vitamin C, carotenoids, and folic acid. Steam it just enough so that it's still firm and add a sprinkle of red pepper flakes and a spritz of lemon juice.
  5. Wild Salmon - The omega-3 fats in a fatty fish like salmon can help reduce the risk of sudden-death heart attacks. And wild-caught salmon has less PCB contaminants than farmed salmon.
  6. Crispbreads - Whole-grain rye crackers, like Wasa, RyKrisp, and Ryvita - usually called crispbreads - are loaded with fiber and often fat-free.
  7. Garbanzo Beans - All beans are good beans.  They're rich in protein, fiber, iron, magnesium, potassium, and zinc.  But garbanzos stand out because they're so versatile.  Just drain, rinse, and a toss a handful on your green salad; throw them into your green salad; throw them into vegetable stews, curries, and soups; mix them with brown rice whole wheat couscous, bulgur, or other whole grains.
  8. Watermelon - Watermelon is a heavyweight in the nutrient department.  A standard serving, about 2 cups, has one-third of a day's vitamins A and C and nice shot of potassium for only 85 fat-free, salt-free calories.  And when they're in season, watermelons are often locally grown, lowering the transportation costs. 
  9. Butternut Squash - Steam a sliced squash or buy peeled, diced butternut squash at the supermarket that's ready to go into the oven, a stir-fry, or a soup.  It's an easy way to get payloads of vitamins A and C and fiber. 
  10. Leafy Greens - Don't miss out on powerhouse greens like kale, collards, spinach, turnip greens, mustard greens, and Swiss chard.  These standout leafy greens are jam-packed with vitamins A, C, and K, folate, potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron, lutein, and fiber.  Serve with a splash of lemon juice or red wine vinegar.

~~~Nutrition Action Healthletter

Comic Relief 

Leftovers That Refuse to Die

My secretary and I are compiling a list of leftovers that not only refuse to die, they reproduce. Heading the list is her pasta salad. Out of a pound of macaroni, she fed a family of six for two meals, ate it for lunch every day for three weeks, and at that point still had more pasta salad than she originally made. She eventually buried it in the backyard.

Split-pea soup has a reproduction cycle. So does beef stew.

And I defy you to scoop out the last spoonful of fruit cocktail from a bowl. Every refrigerator in America has two tablespoons of fruit cocktail on a shelf somewhere, and the peach slices and brown bananas keep giving birth to more peach slices and more brown bananas.

Well, I've got a new immortal to add to the list. It's rice soup. It was a package deal, complete with spices and slivered almonds to give it a "nutty" taste.

All I had to do was sauté onions in butter and add them to the rice, along with 2 1/2 cups of water. That was a Tuesday night, November 5, of this year.

Well, the water disappeared at the end of an hour and the rice seemed thick, so I added another couple of cups and continued cooking it.

Just before dinner, when I dipped in to serve it, it still seemed thick, so I added some more water.

We had a lot left over.

At lunch the next day, I added some more water to a bowl of it and nuked it in the microwave. Two nights later, I put some of it in the wok with some leftover pork.

When the weekend rolled around, I asked my husband if he wanted a rice sandwich. He said no.

I sent some of it home with the kids and put some in the bird feeders.

Every time I took the lid off the pot, there was still enough left to celebrate a Chinese New Year in Shanghai.

I patched plaster with it, mixed it with mulch and fertilized my roses, and gave myself a facial with it.

I was ready to freeze it last week and perhaps retard this senseless breeding, when it hit me.

I had stumbled upon the answer to one of the greatest dilemmas facing the planet today. I could feed the world on a pound of rice, an onion, a packet of spices and slivered almonds.

People have gotten the Nobel Prize for less.

Think about it. Rice exists in many climates, needs no refrigeration and has no natural enemies. All you do is add water - and water - and - water - and water....

From "Forever, Erma" (December 17, 1991 Column)

Baja Bob's Cocktail Mixes
      ~ Home of the Original Sugar-Free Margarita Mix

Baja Bobs

Baja Bob's incredibly good tasting mixes are great with or without alcohol, allowing people who are watching their weight, or those who are forced to watch their sugar intake due to health reasons the opportunity to enjoy the great taste of a cocktail.

Enjoy a cocktail and still stay on your Program

Tricks to Try

Here are a few tricks to try when storing and serving your food.  It's amazing how great they work!

  1. Use tall, thin glasses instead of short, wide ones (you'll pour 29 percent less).
  2. Store all your snacks in small single-serving food-storage bags (you'll eat up to 20 percent less).
  3. Keep the main serving dishes on the stove or counter (you'll eat 19 percent less than if you kept the food on the table).

~~~AARP Magazine


Plant a Garden of Success

Plant 5 rows of peas:

Include 3 rows of squash:
Squash negativity
Squash dieting
Squash deprivation

Add 5 rows of lettuce:
Let us be positive
Let us take responsibility
Let us be in control
Let us reward our accomplishments
Let us be empowered

No garden is complete without turnips:
Turn up with a positive attitude
Turn up with a smile
Turn up with new ideas
Turn up with real determination
Turn up with success


Pizza Fit’n Free   “America’s Fat Free Pizza”

Pizza Fit'n Free
To celebrate 20 years of
Fat Free Pizzas,
we are offering

10% Off Your Next Order.

Visit www.pizzafree.com and enter coupon code DWLZ during checkout to receive 10% off!

Vegetarian Definitions

Thinking of becoming a vegetarian? There are three different  vegetarians and they each define their diets in different ways.  Here are the standard definitions.

Vegan - No meat, poultry, fish, eggs, milk, or milk products. Most avoid foods containing animal products such as gelatin.  Some may even avoid honey from bees.

Lacto-Vegetarian - No meat, poultry, fish or eggs. Will include milk and milk products.

Lacto-Ovo-Vegetarian - No meat, poultry, or fish.  Will include eggs, milk, and milk products.

~~~Info sheet from doctor's office

DWLZ Cookbooks One and Two

Have you ordered your DWLZ Cookbooks yet? These cookbooks are filled with recipes that are Zonies' favorites, dishes that are delicious but on program, with nutritional information listed. These are two books in one package: DWLZ Cookbooks Volumes One and Two. The recipes are easy to make and don't use hard-to-find items. They are together in one PDF file, viewable in your free Acrobat Reader (Version 5 and higher). These also make wonderful gifts.

DWLZ Website Updates

Keeping Dotti's Weight Loss Zone current is a full time job and then some.

DWLZ will be updating all the restaurants and food values on the webpage, iPhone App, Android App, to the new PointsPlus values. We will continue to provide the old Point values, along with the new PP values. Please be patient with us as this is a huge undertaking.

Anytime you would like to find my latest updates you can find them at these links:

The DWLZ Website News & Updates forum—

US restaurants updates are on my Restaurants TOC page—

Canadian restaurants updates are on my Canadian
Restaurants TOC page at—

"The quality of your fuel determines the quality of your body."

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