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Hi everyone!

Dotti's Food Score iPhone App

How are all of you this fine September day?  We are starting to have much cooler days, which I am loving.  Autumn is in the air! 

Before I get started with our visit I'd like to give you all a little update about me.  It's been awhile since I updated my Journey on my site but I am hoping to get back to that soon. I am struggling pretty badly right now with my whole Journey but at the same time, I have not given up, nor will I.  I can be pretty stubborn about things. 

I have been having some serious issues with my hips, especially my right one. I have arthritis in both hips so that's the root of the problem, I'm sure.  I've been in continual pain for the last 3-4 weeks and can barely walk or function normally with my daily routine.  I went to physical therapy yesterday for an evaluation and her conclusion is that it's a serious hip issue and recommends CT scan or MRI to find out just how bad it is.  I most likely will need a hip replacement.  Physical therapy can do no good, because of my pain with just about every movement.  Frown  Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers as I work through this.

I've been very busy with the site, and seeing that the iPhone APP is up and running to it's best potential.  Thank you to all of you who have been patient as we worked out the bugs on this APP, our very first.  I never knew how much went into creating such a program. Dotti's Food Score is close to being ready for the Android also—so keep watching for our updates. 

Again, I would like to thank you all for standing by me and giving me the support I need on my Journey.  I am working on losing all the weight I've gained over the last 3-4 years and you guys give me the motivation to keep on keeping on.  I always hope and pray I do the same for you.

Al has written our 12th Anniversary Issue article, and he created our wonderful banner at the top of this newsletter.  He is getting quite good with Photoshop.  I'm so proud of him. 

It's that time to go fill our favorite glass with sparkling water and settle into our most comfy chair for a nice visit.  Don’t forget to bring that great smile Smile of yours.

Hugs! Dotti  

    By Al Coon

Twelve years have passed—one dozen! It seems like a fairy tale, especially those 6 magic years from 1998 to 2003, where a fairy godmother hit Dotti with her wand and things went off into never-never land, and launched the web page that has taken over our lives completely.

While our personal lives took a dark turn in 2004, the web page never faltered, and it continues to thrive and provide help to thousands every day on their weight loss Journey, and fills our days with purpose.

I look back and still don't know what happened twelve years ago. Dotti had struggled with her weight, off and on, all of her adult life, and that struggle was going very badly by the middle of 1997, leaving her in the 240's and over 100 pounds beyond her normal range of weight. It appeared permanent, and I saw no hope of it ever changing.

Dotti's weight never changed who she was inside. She is the light of my life, and she has held that position in my heart from the moment we met. If there is such a thing as love at first sight, I found it. If it doesn't exist, I found it anyway! I fell for Dotti right off because, along with having the most beautiful set of dimples I have ever seen, standing like bookends on either side of her dazzling smile, and eyes that melted my heart instantly, she is wonderful in so many ways I couldn't begin to list them. Her buoyant spirit is contagious, and for a naturally quiet introvert like myself, she is like a brilliant light in my otherwise dark cave. But this isn't about me, and my good fortune in finding such a wonderful woman to share my life.

The point is, Dotti is a very charismatic lady, with a strong drive to work towards a purpose once she has set her mind in that direction. She poured that drive into being a wonderful wife and mother over our 34 years of marriage, and into various projects over the years. When she worked outside the home, she did an incredibly good job, advancing quickly and always earning praise from her employers. Dotti's sense of humor is wonderful, and she is quick to laugh at herself, and though she is profoundly worthy of it, she has never taken herself too seriously. Whatever her weight, Dotti is the same wonderful woman, capable and fun to be with.

Unfortunately, even though Dotti is not changed by her weight, her health is, and in 1997 she was having back problems and had separated her ribs with a very simple fall. She was in trouble physically already, at the young age of 41. There seemed to be no hope of things ever changing for my Dotti, and I was frightened for her future.

Then, as if a gray-haired lady with a powerful wand had sung, "Bibbity Bobbity Boo," throwing magical sparks all over the place, Dotti caught emotional fire. Dotti described what she went through during the next few months in: My Story ~ Journey to Lifetime 1998.

Her actions were very simple: she ate less, and she exercised more. We all know that if you do this you lose weight. But knowing is not the ticket—it is only by doing what we know that we have good results. Dotti did what she knew to be the right things, and her weight fell off her like ice would in a sauna.

Once Dotti was at her goal weight, I peppered her with questions about what had happened this time. What had made the difference? She had no idea then, and she still has no idea. Everything just clicked, almost literally as if magic words were said over her Journey, and suddenly it was all perfect.

The human mind is very complex. Why does a professional baseball player suddenly catch fire and hit safely game after game for a long streak, only to fall into a slump where he can't buy a hit for just as long a streak? It is the same batter. It is the same equipment, and the pitchers are the same—while one pitcher might be hot today, and another cold, that balances out, and can't explain why batters go in streaks. Why does the mind work to perfection at one time, and trip you up and let you fall at another? I don't know, and I wish I did, because it might help us to fix it, if we understood it better.

A dozen years have come and gone since Dotti reached her goal weight. I spoke with Dotti, right after she lost her weight, and I suggested that she might get some help in keeping her weight off, if she created a web page to help others with their weight issues. I had in mind a success story section with a guestbook or some other way of talking back and forth with her visitors to lend mutual support. You know, just a little page. Dotti never ceases to remind me that it is my fault, for suggesting the page. But what I had not taken into consideration was Dotti's tenacity and powerful work ethic. She doesn't do anything halfway, and if she were going to build a web page, I should have known up front that it was going to be a humdinger!

I can't cover all the details here but during the next couple of years Dotti's Weight Loss Zone went through a couple of URL changes, and finally settled on dottisweightlosszone.com. While that URL still works, we decided that DWLZ.com might be a bit easier to remember, so we picked up that URL as well.

In early 2001, we had our first Zonie dinner, out in Massachusetts, which was the first time we actually met with a group of people, whom we had met directly through the web page. It was a wonderful event! We closed the restaurant down that night and Dotti and I had a snowball fight out in the parking lot with Flo, one of our Admins on our message board, and her husband Don. Everyone at the dinner was so nice, and it was an indicator of what was to come! Dotti at DWLZ-I

Later, in April of 2001, we had our first official Dotti's Weight Loss Zone conference in Seattle, Washington, and we were completely overwhelmed with the warmth and friendship extended towards us, and towards each other, by all the participants.

I have included a special treat for you this time, in celebration of DWLZ's 12th birthday: a free download of Dotti's Talk that she gave during that conference. (Just click on the Dotti 2001 image to go to the download page.)

Since then, we have met many Zonies in many places, and also, we have had four more conferences:

In 2003, we started taking a number of hikes in and around the Portland/Vancouver area and created our Coon Family Hiking Club web page. We have included a lot of hikes on that page and we really enjoyed taking the hikes. It was the year 2003 that marked the peak of our hiking though, because things turned "south" for us in 2004, where injury, death and other unhappy things that are part of life caught up with us and our friends and family.

We continue to struggle along, and we hope the old magic will return in time. In the meantime, we have a lot of new magic going on, with thousands of Zonies visiting our page and visiting with each other on our DWLZ message board. It would take a book to cover all that I would like to say, and perhaps, one day, I will write it.

In the meantime, I hope that you will join with Dotti and I in celebrating the 12th Birthday of Dotti's Weight Loss Zone!

Wishing you the very best,

As if 12 years of DWLZ were not enough to celebrate this week, something else very special has happened for us: our son Glenn, has reached the end of his twenty years of service in the US Navy, and he will retire! (Okay, having your son retire makes you feel old, but in this case it is more than worth it! Smile)

He began his enlistment in 1990, only 4 days short of being exactly eight years before Dotti started her web page, and on this 24th of September, he will retire as ETC (SW) Glenn A. Coon II. I can't begin to explain how proud of him both Dotti and I are!

The Electronics Technician field is a demanding one on its own, and Glenn excelled in it. Not only that, but he made chief. Only someone who knows the Navy understands what that means. My best friend Jim made chief before he retired and I have always been proud of him for that accomplishment. Now my own son Glenn will join Jim as a retired chief petty officer!

Here is part of something I wrote back to his command when they sent me the invitation to his retirement ceremony:

On the day my son was born, as I held him in my arms, I thought the pride filling my chest would pop buttons from my shirt. Today, I have exceeded that feeling, as impossible as it would have seemed to me those many years ago, because of all the things I could have wished for him to do, he chose one of the very best, pursued it, and accomplished it.

My own father died several months before I joined the Navy, in the same year, 1973. It was 2 days after Glenn's first birthday. Dad never knew I went into the Navy, or what I accomplished there. I like to think that he would have been proud of me. I am very thankful that I lived to see my own son not only enter the Navy, but to see him retire with honor and distinction. And I don't want him to have to guess about just how proud I am of him.

Glenn, once again, I am popping buttons off my shirt because of you!



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DWLZ for your iPhone, iPod, and iPad!!!

Our app's first month has been exciting!

For those who have the newest iPhones and iPod Touches, Dotti's Food Score has been a quick success.

Unfortunately, for some of the older devices, and surprisingly, even the new iPad, Apple put up a few serious roadblocks for us, but Dotti's Food Score is now on a roll there too! Smile

Dotti's Food Score has always run very well on everything that uses Apple's iOS-4, but it now also runs on any device with iOS-3.1.3 or better on it! That brings in nearly all of the mobile iDevices out there, finally. We are so happy Bizmosis has been able to work around the problems Apple created for us, and you are the winner!

I have been getting emails for years asking me for an app for the iPhone. It took a long time to get started on creating an app, and even when we got started, it was a bit bumpy at first, but now I can say with confidence,

"I have an app, and here it is:

Dotti's Food Score—it's in the Apple App Store!"
Dotti's Food Score iPhone App

When you walk into a restaurant, but you didn't have a chance to check the menu out on Dotti's Weight Loss Zone first, it's okay! Dotti's Food Score lets you use the restaurant's Wi-Fi connection to quickly check for the latest info from DWLZ. Pretty cool huh?

Also, if you have restaurants that you know you will be going to, you can put them onto your Favorites list, and they will be downloaded to your iPhone, iPod Touch, or now your iPad, and they will be right there all the time for quick access, even without a Wi-Fi connection. And when you do connect up to a Wi-Fi, your favorites list will automatically be synced with the latest updates.

Remember, all the nutritional info that is on the web page will now be available with your Dotti's Food Score app, and it will be updated right along with the web page as I add new restaurants, and update the data for the old ones.

Dotti's Food Score is "Dotti's to go" for your iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

Don't miss out on the low special introductory price of just $2.99, for the latest version of Dotti's Food Score, that not only now runs on the iPad, but on all devices that run iOS 3.1.3 or later!

Any Questions? Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page! < click >

One more thing, if you like Dotti's Food Score, please let your friends know, and please give our app a good review at the iTunes store. Thanks! Smile

If you have an Android, do not despair.
We are working on Dotti's Food Score for you as well!

(Please note Question 1 on our iPhone FAQ page.)

Motivational Puzzle

    Can you spot the 6 differences between two pictures of Dotti?

Click on the image here and test your skills of observation:

Link to Dotti Puzzle

Did you find all 6 of the differences in last Dotti's Newsletter puzzle?
Dotti's 55 Ford Fairlane Puzzle

Just in case you missed any of the changes you can check your work here:
Dotti's 55 Ford Fairlane Puzzle Answer Key

Sage Barley - Vegetable Bake

Butternut squash has a peel that ranges from cream to yellow in color, but the inside is bright orange and sweet.  Squash is extremely high in vitamin A, so eat up.

      Makes 4 servings


          1 medium butternut squash, peeled, cut into 1-inch pieces (3 cups)
          2 medium parsnips, peeled, cut into 1-inch pieces (2 cups)
          2 cans (14 oz ea) stewed tomatoes, undrained
          2 cups frozen cut green beans (from 12-oz bag)
          1/2 cup coarsely chopped onion
          1/2 cup uncooked quick-cooking barley
          1/2 cup water
          1 teaspoon dried sage leaves
          1/2 teaspoon seasoned salt
          2 cloves garlic finely chopped

Heat oven to 375 degrees.  In an ungreased casserole (3 quart), mix all the ingredients, breaking up the larger pieces of tomatoes. 

Cover and bake 1 hour to 1 hour 20 minutes or until vegetables and barley are tender. 

Per serving: 250 calories, 1g fat, 11g fiber, 60g carbs, 7g protein, 730mg sodium  *4.5

    ~~~Recipe Adapted from Betty Crocker, the 300 Calorie Cookbook

Weight Loss is 90% Mental

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Enjoying Weight Loss

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Portion Size Tips

  • 4 poker chips - four small cookies
  • Golf ball – 2 tbsp of peanut butter
  • Hockey puck – an average bagel
  • Medium bar of soap – 3 ounces of meat
  • Baseball – a medium apple, orange or cup of fruit

Software You Can Use! — And Now Available Online!

A Note Weight Commander

The Weight Commander is an awesome program for your Journey. I highly recommend it to all those who are on a Journey of their own. It is a wonderful program to track your progress on any weight loss program you are using. You can read My Review of the Weight Commander or go straight to the source and check out this great software by following this link to Weight Commander. He has many tips and ideas throughout his program, which will help you to be successful on your Journey.

And for those who don't feel comfortable downloading software, or who cringe when Windows gives them another unnecessary warning about running perfectly safe software, Michael has created a wonderful online version of Weight Commander, where you can always access your information with privacy, with no worry about trying to transfer it from computer to computer when you switch. You can of course still get the software version (which continues to work very well, even on my Windows Vista computer), but the online version of Weight Commander is a wonderful new option! You make the choice, but you win either way. Smile

Quotes to Lift Your Spirits

"A positive mental attitude combined with definiteness of purpose is the starting point
of all worthwhile achievement." ~~Napoleon Hill

"If you want to see the rainbow, you have to be willing to put up with a little rain."

"Attitude is a little thing that makes a BIG difference."

~~from "Positive Charges by Alexander Lockhart"

Comic Relief

You know you're on Weight Watchers when:

  • You accidentally swallow toothpaste and wonder how many Points it had in it.
  • You stand in the aisles at the grocery store figuring Points before you buy.
  • You feel your collar bone/ribs/hip bones and think you need to call 911 because something must be broken.
  • Everyone at your lunch table is asking you to figure the Points on their lunch.
  • You threaten to put your cat on WW.
  • You figure the Points on cough syrup.
  • Your child says there are too many Points in something s/he doesn't want to eat!
  • You don't want to share ANY of your food with anyone because you've measured it and know exactly how many Points are in it.
  • You know where every public restroom is wherever you go . . . you need it after drinking all that water!
  • You realize "gram" is a four letter word.
  • You weigh yourself before and after the bathroom just to see how much of a difference it makes.
  • You don't mind "seeing stars."
  • You ask your WW leader to bring in a curtain so you can weigh-in naked.
  • Your child gets an "A" in English for turning your journal in as a book report.
  • You convince the grocery store owner to organize the food aisles according to Points values.
  • You hang your 5 pound book markers from your car antenna.
  • You replace your college diploma with your 50 lb. magnet (now which one is actually tougher to achieve?)

Baja Bob's Cocktail Mixes
      ~ Home of the Original Sugar-Free Margarita Mix

Baja Bobs

Baja Bob's incredibly good tasting mixes are great with or without alcohol, allowing people who are watching their weight, or those who are forced to watch their sugar intake due to health reasons the opportunity to enjoy the great taste of a cocktail.

Enjoy a cocktail and still stay on your Program

Food Finds!

Below are some of my new food finds. (Can you tell that I have potatoes on my mind?) Enjoy!

       Four Cheese Flavored Mashed Potatoes, 1/2 cup (Idahoan)
          [100 cal/2.5 g fat/1 g fiber/19 g carbs]
       Butter & Herb Flavored Mashed Potatoes, 1/2 cup (Idahoan)
          [110 cal/2.5 g fat/1 g fiber/20 g carbs]
       Roasted Garlic Flavored Mashed Potatoes, 1/2 cup (Idahoan)
          [110 cal/2.5 g fat/1 g fiber/19 g carbs]
       Buttery Homestyle Flavored Mashed Potatoes, 1/2 cup (Idahoan)
          [110 cal/2.5 g fat/1 g fiber/20 g carbs]
       Southwest Flavored Mashed Potatoes, 1/2 cup (Idahoan)
          [110 cal/2.5 g fat/2 g fiber/20 g carbs]
       Hash Browns, Shredded Potato Patties, 1 patty (Ore-Ida)
          [70 cal/0 g fat/2 g fiber/16 g carbs]


Look on the Bright Side

For every negative that consumes your happiness,
Affirm two positives that sustain you.
For every "should’ve" you wish you’d done,
Acknowledge something you’re glad you did.
For every loss that has altered your world,
Count from it something you have gained.
For every limit that has ever beset you,
Consider your possibilities.
You can’t always change the way things are,
But you can change the way you wish to see them.
Never stop looking
For the brighter side and beyond.  

--- from The Language of Positive Thinking by Eric T. Moore

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100 Calories or Less Snacks

        Apple [80 calories]
       Cheese, 1 Mozzarella Stick [80 calories]
       Turkey Noodle Soup, 1 cup [68 calories]
       Cheese Curls, 8 [80 calories]
       Egg Drop Soup, 1 cup [75 calories]
       Walnut Halves, 7 [90 calories]

DWLZ Cookbooks One and Two

Have you ordered your DWLZ Cookbooks yet? These cookbooks are filled with recipes that are Zonies' favorites, dishes that are delicious but on program, with nutritional information listed. These are two books in one package: DWLZ Cookbooks Volumes One and Two. The recipes are easy to make and don't use hard-to-find items. They are together in one PDF file, viewable in your free Acrobat Reader (Version 5 and higher). These also make wonderful gifts.

DWLZ Website Updates

Keeping Dotti's Weight Loss Zone current is a full time job and then some. Anytime you would like to find my latest updates you can find them at these links:

The DWLZ Website News & Updates forum—

US restaurants updates are on my Restaurants TOC page—

Canadian restaurants updates are on my Canadian
Restaurants TOC page at—

"The quality of your fuel determines the quality of your body."

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Dotti's Weight Loss Zone

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If you are not already a regular visitor, it is time for you to come and make yourself at home at my web page, where you will find lots of tips on losing weight, and help in picking out good things to eat at your favorite restaurants, while still remaining on program. We have motivation, success stories, and much more. It is a lot like Disneyland: you'll have lots of fun, and you could never see it all in just one day! However, unlike Disneyland, Dotti's [ http://www.dwlz.com ] is open 24 hours a day, every day.


Another visit is coming to a close ~ how fast the time goes when you are having a great time. Until our next visit, always keep in mind you are never alone on this Journey.  We are all here with you, right beside you, rooting you on.

Take care until next time…

Hugs! Dotti   

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