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Hi everyone! I am hoping this newsletter finds you all happy and healthy, enjoying this wonderful weather.  Well, about that wonderful weather…here in Spokane we set a new record for a low temp on May 24 by hitting the freezing mark, and we also set a new record for rainfall on May 27. But we can at least hope for sunshine and warm soon!

Al has written the article this time, and I think the thirteen years he spent in the Navy might have something to do with the title. (Also, our son Glenn is retiring in the next few weeks, as a chief petty officer in the United States Navy. We are very proud of him and what he has done in the service of our country!)

Let's go fill our favorite glass with sparkling water and settle into our most comfy chair.  Don’t forget to bring that great smile Smile of yours.

The Leaking Hull
by Al Coon

When you look at the scale, and you say to yourself, "I need to lose weight," is your next thought, "I need to go on a diet"? Unfortunately, going on a diet to deal with a weight problem is like using a bucket to bail out a boat with a hole in its hull. You can decrease the water level inside your boat by bailing, but you will, in time, grow weary of scooping water up into your pail, and throwing it over the side. Water continues to pour in, and even if you get ahead of it for a while, as soon as you stop bailing, the water level goes back up again. You make no real progress against the problem.

So, what's the answer? Are we trapped in a never-ending cycle of diet and gain, diet and gain? The fact is that you and I will be doing this cycle forever, unless we find a way to break it. Is there a way to get out of this squirrel cage treadmill?

Our leaky hull is a congenital problem that we are stuck with. We can look at naturally thin people, and they can look at us, and neither side can truly understand the other, because we have a basic difference between us. We will overeat if we are left on our own. Always. They will not. Either they naturally are filled up and quit eating soon enough, or they have a high octane metabolism and can eat all they want, perhaps even more they you and I would eat naturally, and gain little or no weight. (My best friend Jim is one of these lucky people. His metabolism has slowed a bit since he hit 50 but he still burns through calories at a very quick rate.)

The Patch

There is only one real solution to our dilemma: a structured healthy lifestyle. We cannot leave this to chance. We can't just wake up in the morning, eat what we want through the day, and go to sleep at night, without finding bad news awaiting us when we step on the scale each day. And we don't have the energy to "man the pail" day after day as we struggle along on a diet. We get tired of that, and we quit. And we do that every single time we try it.

We have to set up a system to operate for us the same way the naturally thin person's body does it for him automatically. We were born with a "stick shift" while they have an automatic. We have to operate the controls manually, each and every day. From time to time we may find that we wander off the path, and will have to bail out our boats, but we will return to the functional and effective system each time that happens. It is the system that will form a patch over the hole in the hull of our weight control boat.

The Working Parts

What has to be in our weight control system, for it to be complete? It really has two purposes: 1) to adjust our weight to, and then maintain it at, our goal weight; and 2) to keep us healthy.

You can lose all the weight you want by doing nothing but cutting your calorie intake sufficiently. This simple fact is at the heart of every one of the fad diets that run through our country year after year. Of course you lose weight when you do these various silly and sometimes downright crazy things. Anything that cuts your calories will cause your weight to drop. But that is never enough!

After you get to your desired weight, or sometimes before you get there, you reach the point where you have had enough. You give up. You quit. You walk away, and no one can blame you for it either!

Eating the correct number of calories each day to allow you to maintain your weight—or a reasonable amount less if you want to lose—is doable, if you pick the right foods. I was very excited when I first set out on my Journey in May of 2001, to find that I could actually eat so much of the right kinds of food. My daily lunches got bigger, as the weight was falling off.

So, a very important part of our weight loss system has to be a method of selecting, and then eating, the right foods each day to stay within our correct caloric limit. Dotti and I both highly recommend the Weight Watchers system. It is based upon solid nutritional research, and is fairly simple to use. You can count calories or even buy specially prepared food packages. Whatever method you choose has to "work for you." It can't be a poor fit to your personality or daily routine. It has to feel comfortable, or else you will tire of it, and walk away after a while.

But Wait!

Controlling the number of calories you are eating is not enough though. You need to understand your daily nutritional needs. You need your vitamins and minerals for your body to function properly. You need fiber to keep things regular. You need a good balance between all the food groups each day. It does no real good to lose weight if you are going to damage your health with poor eating habits. One of the main points to losing weight is to make your body more healthy, not less healthy.

I started out weighing 239.5 pounds, and after 28 weeks of my Journey had passed by, I was down 40 pounds, and had reached my Normal Weight Range. I was feeling pretty happy about that, and I made this note in my journal, after I had weighed myself holding my guitar amp that morning:
When I stepped on the scale while holding the guitar amplifier, to check its weight, I was dressed in my heavy terry-cloth bathrobe, slippers and pajamas, and still the scale only said, “234 pounds.”

Before my weight-loss journey began, I was lugging around more weight in fat than what that big old heavy amplifier, and those clothes combined weigh, and that was before I even got dressed in the morning! I got another very clear picture of what I had been doing to myself all those years, when I realized that picking up that amplifier and carrying it around was no easy task. The happy part is, I can now put the amplifier down.

I Had Left Something Out

While my weight had fallen into my Normal Range, I had taken the philosophy that I would treat weight loss as an eating issue and exercise as a separate issue. I feared that I would be at risk of an injury that would trip up my whole program if I relied on exercise as a weight loss tool. That was a mistake, and here is why.

When you lose weight, your body will chuck muscle out along with the fat. Now if you were suddenly put into an environment where you were unable to get enough to eat, this would make perfect sense. Muscle will burn up a much higher number of calories than fat will, so getting rid of muscle will lower the number of calories that you need in order to keep you alive. But throwing out muscle so you can hold onto fat is not what our aim is!

We can change our body's mind by doing exercise. When you are exercising, your body realizes that it needs your muscle mass, and it will hold on to it and use up your fat instead. Then, when you get down to your goal weight, you will be caring around less fat than if you had not exercised on the way down. That means, your body will need more calories to maintain your weight! You get to eat more and still stay at goal.

It is not just a question of, Oh I exercised today, so I burned more calories than if I hadn't exercised. That was my original mistake. I felt that eating less is the same as exercising more, as far as losing weight is concerned. It is not!

Exercising helps hold onto muscle you already have, as you are losing weight. It also creates more muscle mass at any time you push your muscle's capacity, and muscle tissue, burns a minimum of 3 times the number of calories that fat consumes, even at rest. But when you are moving, that number goes way up as your body is pouring energy into those muscles. And after exercise, your muscles go into a rebuild phase to repair the damage that your workout did…and that means even more calories burned up.

Muscle mass is your best friend when you are controlling your weight, and muscle is hard to find without exercise nearby. They are inseparable.

Moderation In All Things

The key to long-term success is to do everything in moderation. Control your calorie intake, but don't eat too little. (Your body will fight you if you underfeed it. It thinks you are starving and will give up muscle and hold on to fat in order to keep you alive.) Moderation will lead to a comfortable weight loss, one that you can hold on to for good.

Don't go nuts on exercise. You will pay a price, and probably run into Exercise Complications if you try running marathons every week. Your body will rebel in time. What we all need is enough exercise to keep our bodies functioning well, without overtaxing them. We want to produce health, not damage. And we want to make sure that we shape our weight control system into a comfortable fit that we can easily live with for the rest of our lives.

Don't cut out entire food groups. Don't eat (or give up) anything to lose weight that you know you will not be eating (or giving up) to maintain your loss after it is gone. Do what you will do to maintain your goal weight, even as you are losing weight. Don't do anything for weight loss that feels contorted or painful. Do only that which you feel good doing.

A Living System

Make your weight loss Journey one that grows and changes as your needs change, and as your knowledge increases. Add to, adjust, delete from, and modify your system as needed. Nothing is perfect, and it is only by constant effort and vigilance that your system will improve.

Keep your enthusiasm, about being thin and healthy, alive and well each day. What you are doing is important; remind yourself of that fact every day. Remember to feel good about what you are doing. Remember how much this Journey means to you!

Focus on your goal and never let the fire in your heart grow cold. If you feel that your fire is burning low, stir the coals! List the reasons for why you want to lose weight and what it will do for you to be thin, and go over that list anytime you feel your Journey doesn't matter very much to you.

Remember, we have a leaking hull in our weight control boat, and only active opposition to the leak will keep our boat dry and floating. You can do it, but you must do it, if you want to be successful.

Wishing you the very best,


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Sleeping Quiz

If you ran at 10 mph, how long would you have to run in order to burn the same number of calories as you would burn by sleeping for an entire week?

a. 1 hour
b. 3 hours
c. 9 hours
d. 12 hours

(Find the answer below in Quiz Answers.)

Snack-Size Sweet Corn Muffins with Pineapple

These muffins have a natural sweetness from the combination of corn and crushed pineapple.  They are great as a snack or with a nice garden salad. 

Serves 12


         ♦ 1 cup whole-wheat flower
         ♦ 3/4 cup yellow cornmeal
         ♦ 1/2 cup ground flaxseed
         ♦ 1/3 cup sugar
         ♦ 1 tsp baking powder
         ♦ 1/2 tsp baking soda
         ♦ 1/2 teaspoon salt
         ♦ 3/4 cup buttermilk
         ♦ 2/3 cup fresh corn kernels, cut from 1 lrg ear of corn
         ♦ 1 can (8 oz) crushed pineapple in juice
         ♦ 2 eggs, lightly beaten
         ♦ 1 egg white, lightly beaten
         ♦ 2 tbsp unsalted butter, melted

Preheat the oven to 400 degrees.  Coat a 12-cup muffin tin with cooking spray.

In a large bowl, combine the flour, cornmeal, flaxseed, sugar, baking powder, baking soda, and salt; mix well.  In a separate bowl, combine the buttermilk, corn, pineapple with juice, eggs, egg white, and butter.  Stir the buttermilk mixture into the cornmeal mixture until moistened. 

Spoon the batter into the muffin cups.  Bake for 18-20 minutes, or until the muffins are lightly browned around the edges and have pulled away from the sides of the pan.  Remove the muffins and let cool on a wire rack.

Per serving:
            161 calories, 5g fat, 3g fiber, 25g carbohydrate, 5g protein, 219mg sodium  *3

     ~~~Prevention Fiber Up, Slim Down Cookbook

Body Mass Index (BMI) Quiz

If you lose 10 pounds when you weigh 300 pounds, will it lower your BMI by the same amount as if you lose 10 pounds when you weigh only 150 lbs?

(Find the answer below in Quiz Answers.)

100-Calorie Frozen Treats

Frozen treats are good anytime of the year.  You can indulge and enjoy without going overboard.  It's a treat, not a meal.

         ♦ Nonfat frozen yogurt, 1/2 cup [2 golf balls]
         ♦ Light or fat-free ice cream 1/2 cup
         ♦ No-sugar-added ice cream, 1/2 cup
         ♦ Italian ice, 1/2 cup
         ♦ Chocolate ice cream, 1/3 cup [1/2 tennis ball]
         ♦ Super premium chocolate ice cream, 4 tbsp [golf ball]
         ♦ Sorbet, 1/2 cup
         ♦ Fudgsicle

How about those toppings?  How 'safe' are they?  Here are a few toppings listed with their corresponding calories per tablespoon.

         ♦ Whipped cream, 10
         ♦ Raisins, 27
         ♦ Granola, 28
         ♦ Chocolate syrup, 41
         ♦ Chopped almonds, 47
         ♦ Butterscotch topping, 52
         ♦ Chocolate chips, 52
         ♦ Strawberry topping, 53
         ♦ Hot fudge topping, 70
         ♦ M&M's, 71
         ♦ Chocolate sprinkles, 72
         ♦ Peanut butter candies, 75

      ~~~Heart Healthy Guide from Providence Hospital

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Drive Through Eating

Instead of driving through those favorite fast-food places you might want to drive by.  Below are some favorites from some of those places. Very scary!

  • One thigh of Original Recipe Kentucky Fried Chicken, 20 grams of fat.  Make it Extra Crispy, and then it's 27 grams of fat.  Oh heck, throw in the mashed potatoes, gravy and biscuit. That is a whopping total of 660 calories and 40 grams of fat in a single serving.

  • A Grilled Stuft Burrito with beef at Taco Bell, 680 calories and 30 grams of fat.  Switching to chicken doesn't bring the totals down much, 640 calories and 23 grams of fat. (even though chicken is less fatty than beef, this menu item contains saturated and trans fats.)

  • A Big Mac at McDonald's, 540 calories and 29 grams of fat.  The medium french fries bring in 380 calories and 19 grams of fat.  Let's have water for our drink.  Think it helps much?  This meal comes to be a total of 920 calories and 48 grams of fat.

  • Burger King's Whopper, 670 calories and 39 grams of fat.  Add cheese and the fat rises to 47 grams. Let's make it a combo, adding the medium fries, 20 more fat grams. With a medium coke added to your combo, your total calories and fat for this meal are 1330 calories and 67 grams of fat

  • How about a Wendy's Baconator?  It comes in at 830 calories and 51 grams of fat.  Adding a medium order of fries and a medium chocolate Frosty and your eating a total of 1670 calories and 81 grams of fat in one meal!

      ~~~Eat This and Live by Don Colbert, MD

Fat Volume Quiz

How many pounds do we need to lose to remove one gallon of fat from our body?

(Find the answer below in Quiz Answers.)

Software You Can Use! — And Now Available Online!

A Note Weight Commander

The Weight Commander is an awesome program for your Journey. I highly recommend it to all those who are on a Journey of their own. It is a wonderful program to track your progress on any weight loss program you are using. You can read My Review of the Weight Commander or go straight to the source and check out this great software by following this link to Weight Commander. He has many tips and ideas throughout his program, which will help you to be successful on your Journey.

And for those who don't feel comfortable downloading software, or who cringe when Windows gives them another unnecessary warning about running perfectly safe software, Michael has created a wonderful online version of Weight Commander, where you can always access your information with privacy, with no worry about trying to transfer it from computer to computer when you switch. You can of course still get the software version (which continues to work very well, even on my Windows Vista computer), but the online version of Weight Commander is a wonderful new option! You make the choice, but you win either way. Smile

“I deserve credit EVERY TIME I exercise.  I deserve credit EVERY TIME I practice a healthy lifestyle skill.  I deserve credit EVERY TIME I stick to my Plan.”

Comic Relief

You know you're on Weight Watchers when:

  • You accidentally swallow toothpaste and wonder how many Points it had in it.
  • You stand in the aisles at the grocery store figuring Points before you buy.
  • You feel your collar bone/ribs/hip bones and think you need to call 911 because something must be broken.
  • Everyone at your lunch table is asking you to figure the Points on their lunch.
  • You threaten to put your cat on WW.
  • You figure the Points on cough syrup.
  • Your child says there are too many Points in something s/he doesn't want to eat!
  • You don't want to share ANY of your food with anyone because you've measured it and know exactly how many Points are in it.
  • You know where every public restroom is wherever you go . . . you need it after drinking all that water!
  • You realize "gram" is a four-letter word.
  • You weigh yourself before and after the bathroom just to see how much of a difference it makes.
  • You don't mind "seeing stars."
  • You ask your WW leader to bring in a curtain so you can weigh-in naked.
  • Your child gets an "A" in English for turning your journal in as a book report.
  • You convince the grocery store owner to organize the food aisles according to Points values.
  • You hang your 5-pound bookmarkers from your car antenna.
  • You replace your college diploma with your 50 lb. magnet (now which one is actually tougher to achieve?)


ABC's To Success

A - Acknowledge that you know what to do
B - Believe that you have the ability to do it
C - Courage to do what needs to be done
D - Deciding that today is the day
E - Enjoying the journey
F - Forgiving yourself and moving on
G - Going for your goal
H - Hearing the compliments
I - Inviting success into your life
J - Journaling everything that goes in your mouth
K - Keep coming to WW when you feel like quitting
L - Loving yourself enough to change your lifestyle
M - Making delicious meals
N - Not ever giving up on yourself
O - Offer to share your new knowledge with others
P - Patience with the journey...the weight did not come on overnight
Q - Quiet time for yourself
R - Remind yourself all of the reasons you are doing this
S - Self-talk that is positive and repetitive
T - Turning to solutions instead of food for "problems"
U - Using all of your "tools" for success
V - Visiting other meetings during the week if you need support
W - Wanting success with your weight loss more than you want that "treat"
X - Xerox copies of your favorite recipes
Y - You alone can do this, but you don't have to do it alone
Z - Zero in on your goals and move toward them one pound at a time

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Food Finds

Why not try a new food every week?  It's fun and you wouldn't believe how many new foods are out there that will fit your healthy lifestyle. 

  • PureHeart, The Original Mini Watermelon, 2 cups diced, 9.9 oz
           [80 cal/0g fat/1g fiber/21g carbs/0mg sodium/1g protein] *1.5
  • Julies Organic Lowfat Frozen Yogurt, Strawberry, 1 bar
           [120 cal/2g fat/3g fiber/23g carbs/45mg sodium/3g protein] *2
  • Morning Star Farms Italian Sausage, 1 link
           [120 cal/6g fat/1g fiber/7g carbs/350mg sodium/10g protein] *7

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Quiz Answers

Sleeping Quiz

If you ran at 10 mph, how long would you have to run in order to burn the same number of calories as you would burn by sleeping for an entire week?

a. 1 hour
b. 3 hours
c. 9 hours
d. 12 hours

ANSWER:     c. 9 hours (8.7 hours rounded up)        

We burn almost 20 times as many calories when we are running at 10 mph as we do while sleeping.

We don't normally think about how many calories we burn during the day in sedentary activities, but simple body maintenance requires a caloric input, even while sleeping.

Body Mass Index (BMI) Quiz

If you lose 10 pounds when you weigh 300 pounds, will it lower your BMI by the same amount as if you lose 10 pounds when you weigh only 150 lbs?

ANSWER:     Yes!        

BMI is based upon only two factors: Your height and your weight. Since your height remains constant, even when your weight changes, it means that any change in your weight will be directly reflected in your BMI by a fixed amount.

In 1997 Dotti weighed 245 pounds. At 5'4" that meant her BMI was 42. When her weight fell to 235 pounds, her BMI fell to 40.3, or there was a change of 1.7 in her BMI. When she went from 150 to 140 her BMI moved from 25.7 down to 24.0, once again decreasing by 1.7.

In 2001 I weighed 239.5 pounds. At 6'3" that meant my BMI was 30. When my weight fell to 229.5 pounds, my BMI fell to 28.3, or there was a change of 1.3 in my BMI. When I went from 210 to 200 my BMI moved from 26.3 down to 25.0, once again decreasing by 1.3.

Fat Volume Quiz

How many pounds do we need to lose to remove one gallon of fat from our body?

ANSWER:     7.3 pounds.        

One gallon holds 128 ounces of water, or 8 pounds. Since Fat (adipose tissue) weighs 0.918 grams/cc compared with water's 1 gram/cc, that means we just have to multiply the weight of water for any given volume by 0.918 to find the weight of an equal volume of fat. So, 1 gallon of fat weighs: 8 pounds x 0.918 = 7.344 pounds.

So, that means for every 10 pounds of fat that you lose, you will remove 1.36 gallons of adipose tissue from your body.

Did You Know...

Our Journey is not just about weight loss; it's about constantly learning new things... here are a few interesting facts I bet you didn't know.

The Venus flytrap feeds primarily on ants, not flies.

The Mod Squad was based on a true story.

Ralph Kramden's address in The Honeymooners - 328 Chauncey Street - was actually the real address of Jackie Gleason's childhood home.

Bullwinkle was the name of a car dealership in Oakland, California.

      ~~~Who Knew?  David Hoffman

DWLZ Cookbooks One and Two

Have you ordered your DWLZ Cookbooks yet? These cookbooks are filled with recipes that are Zonies' favorites, dishes that are delicious but on program, with nutritional information listed. These are two books in one package: DWLZ Cookbooks Volumes One and Two. The recipes are easy to make and don't use hard-to-find items. They are together in one PDF file, viewable in your free Acrobat Reader (Version 5 and higher). These also make wonderful gifts.

DWLZ Website Updates

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The DWLZ Website News & Updates forum—

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"Your body keeps an accurate journal…            
           regardless of what you write down!"


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Hugs! Dotti   

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