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April 8, 2010

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Hi everyone!  How are all of you on this fine April day? I hope this visit finds you all well.

It seems like my life has taken on a life of it own. Every time I feel like I'm getting closer to being back in control of my Journey, something knocks me back down. But I'll keep on getting back up until I am where I want to be.

Al's Mom is settled into her new Assisted Living Home and seems to be doing well.  Her Alzheimer's seems to be getting worse day by day.  She is enjoying her new friends there (a community of about 49) and she loves the dining experience there. (At least she remembers to eat now!)

On Saturday I came down with food poisoning (most likely from a pre-made spinach salad   I purchased).  I lost Easter Sunday completely and am just now recovering from it. I don't wish food poisoning on anyone; a very painful, tiring experience.

Al and I always look forward to this special time with you a couple times a month. Thanks so much for joining us.

Since I was ill this time, Al is doing the article, while I try and get better. (Thanks Al!)

It's time to go fill our favorite glass with sparkling water and settle into our most comfy chair.  Don’t forget to bring that great smile Smile of yours.

by Al Coon

It was an itsy bitsy teeny weenie
Yellow polka dot bikini
That she wore for the first time today…
     —From the 1960 #1 hit by Brian Hyland

Why do you want to lose weight?

One of the reasons we think about losing weight is that we want to look good. This is a very deep desire in many, and the conflict that this desire created in the fictional girl in the famous song above, between her feelings of modesty and of wanting to appear attractive were ones easy to understand by many, because the song was an instant hit.

The term "supermodel" has come to mean something akin to "goddess" in our culture. Across the nation, on every newsstand, glamorous photographs of women on the covers of magazine after magazine promote the idea of looking good.

Aside from pursuing the pipe-dream goal of becoming a "perfect 10," there is the more realistic, and very reasonable desire to look our best. We would like people to see us for who we are, and not think about our weight as being our most striking feature when they first meet us. It isn't really vanity so much as just being comfortable with ourselves and our self-image. There is a feeling of pleasure and a touch of well-earned pride when we are at our goal weight, and it is a legitimate reason to wish to lose weight.

I will never forget when my boss suggested that perhaps I should lose some weight when the chair at my desk broke a weld, and it had to be replaced. I honestly had not viewed myself as being fat before he said that. It was at very nearly the same time that Dotti felt so bad when she couldn't fit easily on theme park rides with our son at one of our company picnics. We live in denial at times and then something reaches up and slaps us in the face; reality can be so very rude.

When we lose weight, we find that walking, running, and doing all sorts of things that require mobility are all easier, and sometimes, things that would be impossible otherwise are made possible by losing weight. A very good example is one of our dear friends, a real Georgia Peach, who also has an incredibly beautiful smile, who is today riding horses in competition, after losing weight, when her weight was keeping her from riding at all, at the time we first met her at our DWLZ conference. We are really proud of her!

Even the things you can do while you are overweight, can become much easier when the excess weight is gone. I remember how simply walking up the stairs, or completing a day of work were made so much easier when I moved down to my goal weight.

Do We Have a Choice?

I was in my early teens when I first closely experienced someone who was very overweight. She was the mother of my good friend in grade school at the time. I had never dwelt on her weight before, my focus was far more on the kids my age than the adults in my world.

Then one day, her son and I were sitting on the floor and watching TV, when she stumbled over something as she was walking across their living room floor. She only fell a few inches forward before she was able to catch herself on the arm of the couch with her left hand. It was nothing to even think about in my youthful mind at first, because I had done the same thing many times, and moved on. No problem. But I was shocked when I saw her break into tears and holding her wrist as if she had fallen all the way to the floor and landed on it. She was in great pain, and I never would have expected that result from such a short fall. I hadn't yet taken physics in school and learned that force equals mass times acceleration, but it did register that weight changes how the body reacts to a fall.

It doesn't take a fall for excessive weight to cause damage to your body. Your joints are stressed by excess weight, and it can be a crippling process, or lead to joint replacement surgery that may or may not temporarily solve your problem. Diabetes is lurking in the background waiting for the right moment to strike, whenever you are significantly overweight. Heart problems and strokes are more likely as well.

I Already Know I Need To, But How?

I remember when I was deeply hooked on cigarettes. There were numerous reminders all around me that smoking was bad for me. It could kill me. It could cripple me. I could be disfigured by surgery to remove cancerous growths. Advertisements presented warnings and scare tactics aimed at my fear. The only problem was I didn't need to be convinced that I needed to quit smoking. Any fool knows that smoking is dangerous, especially as you get out of the adolescent years where your brain is still developing. I would mentally respond to all these advertisements and other reminders with, "I already know that I need to quit smoking. I need to know how!"

So, we know we need to lose weight. We know it is important to lose weight. It may even be a life and death matter, as critical as the need to quit smoking. But that doesn't do us much good if we don't know how to get there!

You might want to start with the basics. I have written an article called The Easy Part of Weight Loss. If you find that helpful, as I hope you will, you might find some additional useful information when you read my essays and articles at Let's Talk About Weight Loss. Weight loss is a very serious undertaking, but it is something you have the ability to accomplish. I want you to be successful, and I hope what I have written will at least give you a helping hand along the way.

You can do it!

Wishing you the very best,

Me too! I am wishing good luck to you all on your Journey to a healthier, happier, thinner and more confident YOU.  You all have it within yourselves to be the best you can be…and that best is probably better than you can imagine right now!  It's up to you.  I'm rooting for you all.

        Best wishes,

               Hugs! Dotti 

Motivational Puzzle

    Can you spot the 6 differences between two pictures of Dotti?

Click on the image here and test your skills of observation:

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Falling Into Weight Loss

In my little article above I told a story about a friend's mother falling and getting hurt, but I have a story about Dotti of a different fall that you might enjoy.

Dotti and I were up in Spokane to visit with our best friends Jim and Tammy, the year was 1998, and Dotti was newly down to her goal weight, and she was understandably feeling very frisky. At one point, Jim, who has a great sense of humor, said something that fired Dotti up and she came running across the living room and she pretended in good fun to throw a karate side kick at Jim who was sitting in his chair. When she raised her right leg to deliver the kick, her left leg lost its traction, because she was only wearing socks on her feet. The foot slipped easily along the floor and suddenly the side kick turned into a "flying side kick" unintentionally.

It had only been about a year since I had to take Dotti into the Emergency room because she was playing kickball at a family reunion with her parents and siblings and their kids, and Dotti was running as fast as she could around third base when her feet went out from under her. She fell hard, landing with her elbow wedged between her ribs and the ground. Her ribs separated and she was in a great deal of pain for quite a while. Even to this day, those ribs are subject to injury far more easily than they were before.

Naturally, after having witnessed that nasty fall the summer before, my heart went up in my throat as Dotti crashed to the floor, landing on her hip and shoulder. But this time the only thing that was injured was her pride, and that wasn't for long, as she came up laughing. Soon we were all laughing and it is still one of our fond memories, one of so many of them. We all smile whenever it is brought up.

A 140-pound body falling 3 feet will hit the ground with a force of 420 pounds. (3 x 140 )
A 200-pound body falling 3 feet will hit the ground with a force of 600 pounds. (3 x 200 )
A 245-pound body falling 3 feet will hit the ground with a force of 720 pounds. (3 x 240 )

Dotti weighed about 245 when her ribs were injured, while she was at or below 140 when she did the side kick. That loss of weight saved her 300 pounds of force when she hit the ground. That is a big difference! Of course, landing on a wooden floor, Dotti could have been hurt anyway, but fortunately she wasn't.

Even luck wouldn't have been able to save her if she were still 245 pounds when that fall happened.

Cheating Quiz

What exactly happens when you cheat? What is the price you pay? At a military academy, you get expelled if you are caught cheating. In a marriage the price can be quite painful, ranging from perhaps losing your life, to paying through the nose for a divorce after ripping the hearts out of people who love you. Cheating on your taxes can send you to jail, as Al Capone found out to his great surprise. But that is not the kind of cheating this pop quiz question is about.

What if you are good only part of the time on your Journey? What if you have 5 great days every week, is that good enough? If you cheat will it cause you to fail?

  1. How many pounds will you gain in one year if you eat 10 calories a day more than you burn? (About 1 extra Hostess Twinkie every two weeks.)

  2. How many pounds will you gain in one year if you eat 20 calories a day more than you burn? (About 1 extra Hostess Twinkie every week.)

  3. How many pounds will you gain in one year if you eat 45 calories a day more than you burn? (About 1 two-pack of Hostess Twinkies every week.)

  4. How many pounds will you gain in one year if you eat 75 calories a day more than you burn? (About 1 extra Hostess Twinkie every other day.)

  5. How many pounds will you gain in one year if you eat 150 calories a day more than you burn? (About 1 extra Hostess Twinkie every day.)
You'll find the answers later in this newsletter.

Weight Loss is 90% Mental

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  • They continue to be an irreplaceable part of my Journey back to goal!

Enjoying Weight Loss

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Little Exercise Tricks to Speed Up Weight Loss

  • BUILD MORE LEAN MUSCLE: Running and cycling are good calorie burners and general health enhancers, but committing two days a week to a full-body strength-training program will have a greater long-term impact on your metabolism, says Douglas Brooks, an exercise physiologist in Mammoth Lakes, CA, and author of Your Personal Trainer.

    With cardiovascular activity, the increased calorie burn that comes from breathing harder and blood pumping faster is temporary. In contrast, the calorie-burning benefits of strength training last all day long—and then some. By working your muscles against resistance—whether a dumbbell, a weight machine, or a stretchy piece of tubing—you create lean muscle tissue, which requires more calories than fat tissue to maintain itself. For each extra pound of muscle you add to your body, you'll burn 30 to 40 more calories a day—even if all you do is rest.

    • ACTION PLAN: Choose moves that work the major muscles—quadriceps, hamstrings, calves, shoulders, back, chest, triceps, biceps—and do them twice a week for 20 to 30 minutes per session. (Discuss a safe, effective program using free weights or weight machines with a trainer at the gym first.) If you've never used free weights before, start with three-pound hand weights and gradually build up in two-pound increments every four weeks. If three-pound weights seem too light, start with five.

  • TAKE IT SLOW: To build muscles, you have to make them work hard. Move weight slowly so you don't rely too much on momentum.

    • ACTION PLAN: For all weight-lifting and resistance exercises, allow two to three seconds for each lifting movement and two to three seconds for each lowering movement. Don't be surprised if you can't do as many reps as before—slowing down is tough but effective. Research from the University of Florida in Gainesville shows that doing one slow set (between 8 and 12 repetitions) of any strength-training exercise until your muscles are tired is as effective as doing multiple fast sets of that exercise.

  • SCHEDULE STRENGTHENERS BEFORE AEROBICS: When mapping out your fitness schedule for the week, it's best to split up the days that you do strength training and cardiovascular exercise. If you must do both on the same day, hit the weights first. "You want to put whatever your priority is first," says Brooks.

    • ACTION PLAN: Schedule in two 20 to 30 minute strengthening sessions each week. Then, commit to at least three 30-minute sessions of cardiovascular exercise (such as walking) on the off days, or following the resistance sessions.

     ~~~Redbook Magazine—Patricia J. O'Connor

Software You Can Use! — And Now Available Online!

A Note Weight Commander

The Weight Commander is an awesome program for your Journey. I highly recommend it to all those who are on a Journey of their own. It is a wonderful program to track your progress on any weight loss program you are using. You can read My Review of the Weight Commander or go straight to the source and check out this great software by following this link to Weight Commander. He has many tips and ideas throughout his program, which will help you to be successful on your Journey.

And for those who don't feel comfortable downloading software, or who cringe when Windows gives them another unnecessary warning about running perfectly safe software, Michael has created a wonderful online version of Weight Commander, where you can always access your information with privacy, with no worry about trying to transfer it from computer to computer when you switch. You can of course still get the software version (which continues to work very well, even on my Windows Vista computer), but the online version of Weight Commander is a wonderful new option! You make the choice, but you win either way. Smile

“If we defend our habits, we have no intentions of quitting them.”


Comic Relief

Burning Calories

My doctor flipped the weight of the scale over another notch, looked at me with annoyance and said, "Man does not live by bread alone."

"You think I don't know that?" I said. "Any fool knows you have to make it into a sandwich, top it with homemade preserves or cover it with cheese sauce and make a casserole out of it."

"You are overweight again," he said.

"Like how much?"

"Like if you were scheduled to fight Muhammad Ali this fall, you would have to drop fifteen pounds to make the heavyweight division. How much exercise do you get?"

"I leaned over a week ago Thursday for what I thought was a gingersnap cookie in the carpet, but it turned out to be a cork coaster and I haven't taken a chance since."

"Do you go to the refrigerator a lot?"

"Yes, and sometimes I even run."

"I have here a list of activities that tell you how many calories you can burn up per hour. I want you to go over the list and try to do at least one or two activities a day."

The list was depressing. An hour of housework burnt up 80 to 180 calories, ironing 50 to 60 and writing 10 to 20. I would have to arm-wrestle King Kong to make a difference.

Then a brilliant idea hit me. If I could do some vigorous exercises, I could eat all the fat food I wanted and burn it off before it took root.

That night I had a piece of apple pie. Then I grabbed one of the kid's bicycles and pedaled for two hours. It was work, but it was worth it. I had paid for my folly.

The next night I had 40 potato chips. To make up for it, I did a little ironing that I had put back. (Actually I only ironed for eight hours and put the rest of it back again.)

The next afternoon I outdid myself. I found an Easter egg I had hidden from the kids in the freezer totaling 583 calories. I had to paint the house to work it off. The same night I had lobster in butter, which totaled 2,390 calories. Checking my list I discovered I would have to row across Lake Erie and back to balance the calories.

Then, a terrible pattern began to form. I was borrowing on my energy and putting IOUs in the refrigerator. I owed two hours of carpentry for a bowl of cereal in cream, three miles of jogging for a French doughnut, and eight days of shoveling snow for a piece of birthday cake. As I sit here writing this column, I am in hock through 1975.

As I told my doctor, the only way I can possibly catch up is to be an oarsman on a slave ship. He is making the necessary arrangements. From "Forever, Erma" by Erma Bombeck

     ~~From "Forever, Erma" by Erma Bombeck


Did You Ever Wonder Why Geese Fly in a Vee?

That is because they support one another and always fly in a group. The goose at the point of the vee is the leader and cuts the air current for the other geese. If one goose falls ill and leaves the formation, two other geese accompany it to the ground. Once the ill goose is able to join the group again, the three geese together fly back into their place in line.

This was sent in by Linda, a Weight Watcher Leader and this is what she has to say:

"As a leader I am here to help my members with their weight loss goals—together we will fly in formation and when one of us falls out of the group or simply loses motivation, at least two of us will miss that person and lend a hand until they can join the group again. Together the Vee will be formed again. This is a great 'Support One Another' message."

     ~~Thank you Linda

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Baja Bobs

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Enjoy a cocktail and still stay on your Program

Food Finds

Have you tried some different foods this last couple of weeks? I tried a couple that I would like to share with you. Smile
  • Emerald Breakfast on the Go! Trail Mix, 1 pouch (apple chips, dried cranberries, glazed walnuts, yogurt raisins, granola clusters) ~ I love this after my gym workout!
    [240 Cal, 9g Fat, 4g Fiber, 38g Carbs, 90mg Sodium, 2g Protein] *5

  • Stouffer's Lasagna Italiano, 1 cup
    [280 Cal, 11g Fat, 3g Fiber, 30g Carbs, 680mg Sodium, 15g Protein] *6

  • Hormel Compleats Homestyle Beef with Mashed Potatoes & Gravy, 1 container ~ Quick meal when you're in a hurry!
    [220 Cal, 12g Fat, 3g Fiber, 30g Carbs, 600mg Sodium, 11g Protein] *5

  • Hormel Compleats Beef Steak & Peppers with Savory Sauce & Noodles, 1 container ~ Another quick meal!
    [210 Cal, 5g Fat, 2g Fiber, 22g Carbs, 580mg Sodium, 20g Protein] *5

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Whole Grains

Whole grains are rich in vitamins and minerals and among the best sources of fiber, which helps reduce cancer risk by making it easier to stay at a healthy weight.  Whole grains were also linked to a lower risk of colorectal cancer in a 2007 National Institutes of Health study.

The American Dietetic Association recommends at least three servings a day.  When buying your foods make sure the label says "100 percent whole grain" and not "enriched".

Why not try experimenting with barley, brown rice, oats, millet, wheat berries or nutty-tasting quinoa, which cooks quickly.

       ~~Heartbeat Magazine

Ways to Cut 100 Calories

Below are a few ideas on how to cut 100 calories from your day. 

  • Instead of your normal two hot dogs, try having just one.
  • Have carrots instead of corn.
  • Instead of regular chili with no beans try turkey chili with beans.
  • Omit the cheese from your burger
  • Don’t have the second helping of mashed potatoes
  • Instead of peaches packed in syrup use the peaches packed in water/natural
  • Instead of ice cream try frozen grapes

DWLZ Cookbooks One and Two

Have you ordered your DWLZ Cookbooks yet? These cookbooks are filled with recipes that are Zonies' favorites, dishes that are delicious but on program, with nutritional information listed. These are two books in one package: DWLZ Cookbooks Volumes One and Two. The recipes are easy to make and don't use hard-to-find items. They are together in one PDF file, viewable in your free Acrobat Reader (Version 5 and higher). These also make wonderful gifts.

Cheating Quiz

What exactly happens when you cheat? What is the price you pay? Let's see…

  1. You will gain 1 pound in a year if you eat 10 calories a day more than your body burns. (About 1 extra Hostess Twinkie every two weeks.)

  2. You will gain 2 pounds in a year if you eat 20 calories a day more than your body burns. (About 1 extra Hostess Twinkie every week.)

  3. You will gain 5 pounds in a year if you eat 45 calories a day more than your body burns. (About 1 two-pack of Hostess Twinkies every week.)

  4. You will gain 8 pounds in a year if you eat 75 calories a day more than your body burns. (About 1 extra Hostess Twinkie every other day.)

  5. You will gain 15.5 pounds in a year if you eat 150 calories a day more than your body burns. (About 1 extra Hostess Twinkie every day.)

    One single day off program can easily add enough calories to push your average calories per day far higher than 10 or even 150 calories per day for your week. And that means you will gain weight.

    The safe way to have a splurge is to "save up for it" and then to track it closely. Your body will burn a certain number of calories, and in order to lose weight, you have to eat fewer calories than that number.

    Unfortunately, your body will not forgive cheating any more than a jealous spouse would.

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    "Your body keeps an accurate journal…            
               regardless of what you write down!"


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