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  May 3, 2016

chapter 6

Chapter Six

Deeper Into Magic.

"You child," said Girmal. "Kimberly of the raven hair. Do not touch again the book of spells. Had you opened the cover it would have removed your life from you. Only one who possesses the sorcerer's power may safely gaze inside that book. Beware! You have been warned."

Dorothy noticed that Kimberly moved away from the large book, but also moved no closer to the wizard. It was hard to tell which of the two frightened her the most.

"Sorceress Dorothy," said the wizard. "How long have you known about your magical powers?"

"I never knew I had any," said Dorothy. "I thought it was the room that was magical, not me."

And Dorothy explained what had happened in the attic, and how Kimberly and she, had come to find the door and how it opened for her when she wished it.

"From what kingdom do you come?" asked Girmal.

"We don't live in a kingdom," said Dorothy. "We live in a country, called the United States."

"I know not of this United States," said Girmal. "How far is it from here?"

"We are in the United States right now," said Dorothy. This was very confusing talk for her.

"Nay, my lady," said Girmal. "We are in the realm of Viking kings. I have been a slumber these many years, so I know not who is on the throne today."

With a wave of his wand the wall behind him seemed to disappear and the wizard pointed to the castle.

"Behold the king's castle, and in the field the king's men."

"I read about olden times when castles were everywhere in Europe and Vikings roamed the seas," said Kimberly. "But that was a long time ago. Do you know of Rome?"

Dorothy had heard about Rome. They have the ruins of the old coliseum there, and she thought they might have some old broken down castles too, around the city somewhere.

"Rome?" asked Girmal. "Of course I know of Rome. I have been there, and have known the great Caesars. I have been to the great city in the east, Constantinople, as well. What have they to do with us. They are our enemies and we raid their lands."

"Do you think," asked Kimberly. "That we might have changed time when we came down into this magical room?"

"Only the most powerful wizard could change time!" said Girmal. "Whatever powers you have, you seem to not even know of them. How could you change time?"

"I wish it were 1963 again," said Dorothy. The room shuddered, and the light dimmed for a moment, and then everything returned to what it was before.

"What magic is this?" asked Girmal.

"Look outside," said Dorothy.

Once again the wizard waved his wand, and they suddenly were looking at long Island in the winter. Snow was falling and cars were driving by in the street.

"What manner of demon is this moving past us?" asked Girmal. And with a wave of his wand the wall returned to block the view.

"We call that a car," said Dorothy. "It is a machine, not a demon. We use it to move around in."

Now it was the wizard who looked frightened. He was in over his head and he knew it. And suddenly Dorothy knew it too. She also knew the answer to all their problems.

"I wish," she said. "That Kimberly and I were outside of this room, and everything was back to where it was before we entered this chamber."

Suddenly the room shuddered, as though the earth were shaking all the way to its core. The light went out, and the wizard was gone. Dorothy saw that she and Kimberly were standing beside the stairway once more and the door was closed tight. The carving of the wizard showed the book, and the wand, as before, but he was holding up his hand as if to keep them away.

Both girls turned and ran up the stairs, as fast as their legs would carry them. As they hit the top of the stairs the trapdoor slammed shut once more. They slid the trunk over the top of it, and left the attic.

"Well 'sorceress Dorothy,'" said Kimberly with a shaky smile. "I hope we never get into a mess like that again."

"Me too, oh 'Kimberly of the raven hair,'" laughed Dorothy.

Just then Debby came out of their room and Dorothy said, "I wish she would go back in and leave us alone."

Suddenly, Debby glanced at them, and then, she got the funniest look on her face, and turned around. She went back into the room, and she closed the door.

The girls looked at each other, and said in stereo, "Oh no; it couldn't be!"

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