Italian Veal Stew with Polenta

By cuting the veal into thin strips instead of cubes, you can have a
full-flavored stew in half an hour that tastes like it simmered all day.

Makes 4 Servings

Nonstick spray coating
1 medium onion, cut into wedges
1 medium green pepper, coarsely chopped
2 cloves garlic, minced
1 14-1/2 ounce can reduced-sodium whole tomatoes, cut up
1/4 cup dry red wine
1 teaspoon instant chicken bouillon granules
1 teaspoon dried Italian seasoning, crushed
12 ounces boneless veal round steak, cut 1/2 inch thick
2 3/4 cups water
1/8 teaspoon salt
3/4 cup instant polenta
2 cups torn spinach
Parsley sprigs (optional)

Spray a large saucepan with nonstick spray coating.  Heat over medium heat.
 Add onion, pepper, and garlic.  Cook, for 4 to 5 minutes or till vegetables
are just tender, stirring occasionally.  Add tomatoes, wine, bouillon granules,
and Italian seasoning.  Bring to boiling; reduce heat.  Cover and simmer for
10 minutes.  Meanwhile, cut veal into bite-size strips.  Spray a large nonstick
skillet with nonstick spray coating.  heat over medium heat.  Add veal strips and
stir-fry about 4 minutes or till no pink remains.  In a 2-quart saucepan heat
the water and salt to boiling.  Stir in polenta.  Cook stirring frequently for 5
minutes.  Add veal and spinach to tomato mixture; heat through.  To serve, spoon
polenta into shallow soup plates or bowls.  Top with veal mixture.  
Garnish with parsley, if desired. 

POINTS:  6.5 (5)

PER SERVING: 263 Calories, 23 g Protein, 4 g Fat,
30 g Carbohydrate, 387 mg Sodium, 3 g Dietary Fiber

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