Spicy Stuffed Green Peppers

Here's a recipe that gives you the chance to put your microwave to
good use.  Place the filled peppers on a microwave-safe plate and
micro-cook on 100% power (high) for 2 to 3 minutes or till heated through.

Makes 4 servings

4 large green peppers
1 (15 oz) can black beans, rinsed and drained
1 (8 3/4 oz) can whole kernel corn, drained
1 medium onion, chopped (1/2 cup)
1/3 cup long grain rice
1 to 2 jalapeno peppers, chopped
1 cup water
2 tablespoons snipped cilantro or 1/2 teaspoon ground coriander
3/4 cup shredded reduced-fat Monterey Jack cheese (3 oz)

Fill a large kettle half full of water; bring to boiling.  Meanwhile, cut tops from
green peppers; remove seeds.  Chop tops; set aside.  Add whole green peppers to
boiling water; return to boiling.  Reduce heat. Cover and cook for 4 to 5 minutes
or just until tender.  Meanwhile, in a medium saucepan combine the chopped
green pepper tops, black beans, corn, onion, rice, jalapeno peppers and the 1 cup
water.  Bring to boiling.  Reduce heat.  cover and simmer about 15 minutes or
till rice is tender.  Stir in cilantro or coriander and half of the cheese; toss
to mix.  If necessary, let filling stand, covered, about 5 minutes or till water
is absorbed.  Fill peppers with rice mixture.  Place in a 2 quart square baking
dish; sprinkle with remaining cheese.  Bake, uncovered, in a 400 degree oven
about 5 minutes or till cheese melts.

SERVING SIZE:  1 stuffed pepper

POINTS:  7.5 (5)

PER SERVING:  270 Calories, 5 g Total Fat, 2 g Saturated Fat,
510 mg Sodium, 45 g Total Carbohydrate,
8 g Dietary Fiber, 16 g Protein

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