Pita Wedges with Banana Salsa

This sweet and tangy salsa makes a delicious
dressing for cold cooked shrimp, too.

Makes 6 servings


1 large ripe banana, peeled and diced or
3/4 cup chopped fresh pineapple
1 medium nectarine, pitted and chopped (2/3 cup)
1/2 of a large green pepper, chopped (1/2 cup)
2 tablespoons snipped fresh cilantro or parsley
2 tablespoons lime juice

For banana salsa, in a medium bowl combine banana or pineapple,
nectarine, green pepper, cilantro or parsley, lime juice, and brown
sugar.  Toss lightly to mix.  Serve with toasted pita wedges.

SERVING SIZE: 1/6th serving

POINTS:  1.5 (1)

PER SERVING:44 Calories/0 g Total Fat/0 g Saturated Fat/
19 mg Sodium/11 g Carbohydrate/1 g Fiber/1 g Protein

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