Tom (kreid001) & Barb visit Al & Dotti

in Vancouver, WA
March 30th - April 2nd, 2006

Arriving at the Heathman on Thursday March 30, 2006
We headed to the Oregon Coast Tom & Barbs' 1st visit to the Pacific Ocean
While at the Coast we stoppped at a wonderful Trash 'n Treasures store
Tillamook Cheese Factory was the next stop at the coast.
Not one of us had ANY of that great Ice Cream on the sign! Woo! Hoo!
Last stop LUNCH at Subway!
OP and YUM!
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More Fun Times including a Limo whisking us away for a relaxing
dinner cruise on the Portland Spirit

The Limo arrives to take us to the Portland Spirit for an awesome dinner cruise.
What a wonderful dinner cruise! The food was OP and delicious! We all had an awesome time!
Saturday, April 1st we stopped at Multnomah Falls so Barb could see our awesome waterfall!
Toms after-dinner drink gave us quite a show being created! Fun!
ClicPic All photos ©1998-2016 by Dotti's Weight Loss Zone. All rights reserved.

An awesome hike & Zonie Dinner end our wonderful weekend!

Sat, April 1st we're off to hike in Beacon Rock State Park - Pool of Winds & Hardy Falls. Beautiful!
We ended the day with an OP dinner with our Zonie friends, Carole (burtrude) & Becky (tbear53) at Sweet Tomatoes
ClicPic All photos ©1998-2016 by Dotti's Weight Loss Zone. All rights reserved.

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