Weigh-In Stories & the Outfits We Wear - What is yours?

Dotti - Okay, I'll start - Here is my weigh-in outfit - the lightest I could find - I am not sure how much it weighs but it's the outfit that weighs me in, on my home scale, as the "lightest" - lightest pair of unlined jogging pants, lightweight shirt, lightest socks I could find - no earrings or watch! Okay, I weighed my clothes and they weigh exactly 15 oz!  

 Evie - Here is Evie in her 14 oz           Flo - Here is Flo  in her 16 oz 
             weigh-in outfit - taken 12/30/00                        weigh-in outfit  - taken 4/13/01 

Weigh-Ins - Oh, the Extremes We Will Go! 

If you have a "weigh-in" story please Email Me and I will add it to this wonderfully,
funny list - believe me, your story will be in "good company"!

Okay, this may be weird but if you donate a pint of blood to the blood bank right before you weigh in you will weigh about a pound less (you will probably drink a little bit of water afterward and replace some of the weight you lost through giving blood.) I discovered this by a happy coincidence one time. and no, I've never done it on purpose since that one time, but some of you may want to give it some thought on a bad week ... you'd be doing someone some good, too! I do wear light clothing, agonize when i haven't shaved my legs, remove my jewelry, watch, shoes, halfslip, etc. etc. just like everyone else. I wish I could stop that craziness, but I can't seem to! Linda

Before I started WW, I decided that I would ALWAYS wear jeans and shoes, right from the start. THEN, when I reach goal and Lifetime, I can shuck the heavy pants and shoes if I need to. Get it? :) But I do wear the same thing every week, and in about 5 lbs my jeans are going to fall off me and then I will have to pick a new pair and the temptation will be great to show a nice loss that week. Aren't we all a bit psycho?? :) Bethany

Here is my sad but true weigh in story that I hope everyone can learn from! I've been on the WW program for 7 weeks now & was proud that I even lost on vacation! Last week, I did have a few days a bit over points, but I walk everyday. On Saturday morning, weigh in day, I had a 6pt smoothie for breakfast, went to a spinning class at the gym ( where I drank about 48 oz of water!!! ) & then went straight to WW.... and stepped on the scale........ Up 3.4 # ?!?!? How could this be? The receptionist had me step on again & began to ask if I ate something very salty the night before, etc & then my morning tale was told.... Needless to say, I will never drink that much & weigh in again! Jonie

I weigh every morning before eating or drinking anything. I used to do this nude in the bathroom before jumping into the shower, but there's no room in my current bathroom for scales, so I do have light underclothing and a lightweight nightgown. I usually have emptied my bladder at least twice, because I have to get up in the early morning before I have to really get up. I do this to keep on track, because if I go up a little I can be sure to stay on the low end of my point range, and if I lose a little I can be excited and stay on the low end of my point range. I go to Saturday morning meetings, and I try to keep my clothing as light as possible so it will be close to my at-home weight that morning. I have to wait to shower until I get home, because wet hair is heavier. I usually wear one of those plastic headbands, but for weigh-in I don't. I wear my sneakers without socks and remove them before weighing. No watch or other jewelry, and I make sure to empty my pockets of keys and change. But when I reach goal, it will be in the afternoon with regular clothing. I'm making a list of some of the good tips I've learned from the rest of you (LOL)! Nadine

I was reading your stories about weigh-in attire and nothing beat what I experienced at a meeting last Fall. It is not unusual to see jewelry and clothing come off, but this one woman when she got to the scale, bent over and took her pants off. There she stood, only in her underpants. We all couldn't help but laugh at the lengths we all go to. Good thing there were no males in our group! Debby

I don't have any set outfit just something that makes me feel attractive. I don't wear jeans or anything heavy though. I do however have the daily bowl movement that MUST be done before I go. One day I was late and it came just after I weighed in. As stupid as it was I just had to ask if I could re-weigh. She let me but told me that she couldn't change my book. Even though it wasn't written on the paper knowing I was.8 less than when I first wieghed in made my day!! Lauren

Dotti, I know this sounds funny but every weighin I try to wear the same thing - the lightest thing I can find, no jewelry and I always go potty first. Rose

I also try to wear the same outfit every weigh-in day. I wear light rayon pants and a very light cotton shirt. The shoes come off, along with my watch and bracelet. I always empty my bladder right before the meeting (which is at work ---- and I've usually had one to two liters of water beforehand). I don't alter my daily food/water intake, but DO try to keep the clothing consistent. I'm always joking about making sure I've blown my nose, plucked my eyebrows, cleaned my fingernails and toenails, shaved my legs, removed my nail polish, mascara, etc. I don't actually DO all of that, but I do find it a bit wacky that I've even THOUGHT about it!!! I'm not the only one, am I??? Cara

I weigh in at night after work at 5:30 pm so I have to hussle to get there. I change out of my work clothes into the same outfit every week....WHILE DRIVING. I have tinted windows and the red lights provide just enough time. I take off all jewelry, shoes, and even the scrunchi out of my hair. I am breastfeeding my son and in the first couple of months I would pump on the way too to relieve myself. I don't need to anymore because my milk is in and pretty standard at this point. I stop eating & drinking after my very light lunch all the way until WI, then eat because I'm starving by then. I also go to the bathroom at the meeting. I never see anyone else doing it and I cant believe it....it helps, they need to do it! One time a girl weighed in, mentioned she had to go potty to the WW employee and she weighed in, went potty, came back and weighed .08 less!! I was hooked after that....now I don't feel like I had a "true" WI until I'm in my same shorts and t-shirt and gone potty. I started out this way and must stick to it every time to be consistent! The things you'll do huh? I've made it to 40.6 for a reason! Carrie

5 Steps before Weigh In -

Step 1 - Wear green sleeveless shirt and light cotton skirt for minimum clothing
Step 2 - Trim nails
Step 3 - Take off watch and jewelery in parking lot so members won't see how ridiculous I am
Step 4 - Empty bladder at WW prior to weigh in
Step 5 - Exhale prior to getting on scale (hey every bit helps)
Close eyes and hope for the best. Elena

I have found an outfit that only ways .4 oz. of course not including the underwear and bra I've just realized. Wouldn't that be a site watching me weigh those! And those socks! How much am I "gaining" by wearing the pair I grab? Every once in a while I forget my clothes and people are always laughing when they see me looking over the counter as I weigh my shorts and then top to see how much "extra" the outfit costs. dilbert9196

I don't have a specific weigh-in outfit. I do try to wear light weight pants and light weight tops, even tank tops. I don't take off all my jewelry or anything like that. I do get rid of my shoes. I try to be consistent. HOWEVER, when I had lost a lot of the weight (I'm about 10 from goal!) one thing I made sure of is that I look good. I look as good as possible. My meeting is during the lunch hour. If it's a good week, I look and feel great. If it's a bad week, it's almost guaranteed I'll get a compliment. I work in a government building and having a young, in-shape, in-uniform soldier compliment me boosts my spirits and gets me motivated for the following week! Hannah

When I was a WW member in Pennsylvania we had a lady that would strip down to a bathing suit at each weigh in. As she got thinner the bathing suit got smaller. On the day she reached her goal weight she came in wrapped in a fur coat. She dropped the coat and was in a bikini! Also, my leader at the time said that he was going to write a book called "Weight Till I Take My Earrings Off". "G"

Well, I just wanted to share with you my weigh in story. I weigh in on Wednesday morning and we are some of the most stripping ladies you ever seen.! We will strip what ever it takes to get to our goal. Not nude but boy we get close....(laughing) I have an outfit I weigh in each week it is a very light pair of hot pink shorts....and my aunt and I went to Walmart and picked up shirts to see what one would weigh the least....lol....we had a lady this past week she took her nail polish off before weigh in....We have the best time at our meetings. Just want to also tell you that you are have a great site here....Keep up the good work! Cindy g.

I weighed several outfits to find the lightest to be a cotton sundress, Victoria secret thong panties (weighs just an ounce and a half), the lightest bra possible (a tank style that has to be discretely tucked in) all weighing in at just under 9 ounces! And of course no jewelry.I wear this every week and people must think I don't own another outfit. I have shorts and a teeshirts I would love to wear that day considering I don't have to dress up on Sunday since I don't meet clients on the weekends, but the dress weighs less so I stick with the tried and true. Once I reach goal in 4 pounds and surpass it by a couple more I might consider changing the wardrobe. When you're this close to goal, every ounce counts (with some weeks only losing .4 lbs) and at this point I am only 2 pounds away from not having to pay as a returning Lifetime member. [update - I am now Lifetime] Danielle in Las Vegas

As I was perusing your site today, I could not help but laugh at myself and my weigh in mania. Yesterday morning I was getting ready to go to WW, and had some concerns as I had eaten too many pickled tomatoes the day before. I felt a gain coming on from the salt. I knew that I could not take the disappointment, so I found a light tank top and put a button down shirt over it. I planned to take off the button down shirt and weigh in with no bra- because underwire must weigh at least a few ounces! I then proceeded to weigh two pairs of pants on my bathroom scale to see which one was lighter. I did go to weigh in with no bra and was quite paranoid when I removed the larger shirt, but I lost 1.2 so the craziness was worth it! After all, if I had worn a bra- it might have been a loss of only 1 pound! Much appreciation! Jessica

My husband gave me a terrific strategy. Unfortunately I didn't do it: to work it needs to happen on week 1 before beginning the diet. And well...because it is just ridiculous, but in a stupid and slightly amusing way. Hubby suggested that I carry a pocketful of pennies to my weigh-in and then every week to dump out a few pennies. That'll keep the chart going in the downward direction! Heee! Maureen

These stories are so funny and universal!!  My weigh in outfit is boring leggings and t-shirt, but I made the mistake of taking off shoes, earrings, watch, cell phone, etc at my very first weigh-in because I didn't want to see the big number.  Now I feel like I have to do it every week for consistency.  I didn't realize what a pain it would be to take it all off and put it all back on again a minute later, week after week.  I am planning my soon to be reached goal weight to include all my regular accessories and shoes.  I guess I should weigh it all so I know how to calculate and adjust what I want my goal weight to read!  Maybe I should just add one accessory a week during maintenance while I try for a personal goal weight!!  Is this obsessive/compulsive or what? Chrissy

I too wear the same thing on weigh in day...light nylon pants and a t-shirt.  The one thing I wear that is totally not me is my little silk thong undies...hey, less is less!  My husband really loves weigh in day too! Laura

Years ago when I was in college I was doing the WW program and I would always try to wear the lightest clothing.  One week I had not stayed on program and I knew I had gained.  So I went down to the blood bank and gave a pint of blood.  No cookies or juice afterwards either!  It didn't work, though, I still had a gain...I think I quit shortly thereafter.  Now, many years later I am starting WW again, I am in week 3 and have been weighing in in jeans every week.  One of these weeks when I need a boost I will change to shorts and a light top - my Ace in the hole!  Until then, I'm sticking with the jeans...who knows what the future holds? Shauna

I live in Fla. so I can wear light clothing all year long.  When it's really hot I wear a little light rayon dress that doesn't feel like you are wearing more than a slip.  I know everyone is sick of seeing it but I know I can't blame my weight on the clothes.  I do wear underwear and bring my socks because they won't let you weigh in in bare feet.  I also take off the jewelry and empty my bladder just before weigh in.  I don't drink anything before I go.  After all we are just large "tupperware's".  In cooler weather, I wear a black straight skirt, hose, and a blouse.  I take off whatever else I can. Gloria

I wear exactly the same clothes every time I go to weigh-in--same top, slacks, stocking, shoes, jewelry, etc.  After the meeting I launder the outfit and put it aside for the next week.  Having had a week that I thought would probably not have produced any weight loss, I was feeling a little down and wasn't too enthusiastic about going to the meeting.  As I looked at the clothes I thought perhaps a change of slacks would perk me up a bit. Still, I was concerned about the possible difference in the weight of my clothes.  Off I went to get the kitchen scale.  I neatly folded and weighed each set of slacks, hoping that my husband wouldn't wake up and ask what I was doing.  I was surprised and disappointed to find that my proposed outfit would weight 0.6 pounds more than "old faithful."  So, I dutifully climbed into my regular Weight Watchers "uniform" and went to the meeting.  Wasn't I surprised and happy when I weighed in and found I had taken off 0.6 pounds!  Barrie

I was only a few pounds from my goal. I went to weight in at I was only 0.2 tenths away from it. I had already hit the restroom right before weighing, so they said try to weigh again after the meeting. After the meeting I went to the bathroom again. I also took off my bra, underwear socks, shoes, rings, necklace, glasses and even the ponytail I had in my hair. I just had on a very light pair of wind pants and a light t-shirt. It worked for me I ended up being 0.2 tenths under my goal!! It was very
worthwhile!!  Donna

I have been a Life Time Weight Watcher for 30 years and I weighed my clothes then and I wear the same  type clothes now.  Nice to hear that there are many kindred spirits out there. I do change the tops around but you can bet they are lightweight.  I work in Cotton Khaki Slacks and you can bet I would not even consider that as an outfit to weigh in. A Member

Ok.. here goes... first of all, come Weigh In night the business place NOT to be is the bathroom! Everyone and I do mean EVERYONE, is trying to get out that last little bit of "fluid" .  Now as for MY outfit, well I started Weight Watchers on August 7, 2000 and I wore a cotton dress (light weight of course).  Well, after I began dropping the weight off, the dress started seeming like it weighed more and more. SO... I took it up 3 inches on each side.  Well that worked for several MORE weeks then I realized after having friends and family tell me it was time to get rid of the dress, I found a new AND SMALLER size dress that was even lighter!  I too, wanted to find out how much my clothes weigh but the only scale I had at the time was my food scale from Weight Watchers; husband laughed at me one night weighing my dress BUT it worked.
On another note to all of you on Dotti's list, remember NOT to just throw those BIG old clothes away in the trash, there are organizations in most communities that will more than happily take your old clothes.  I personally donate mine to a center in our area that DOES NOT sell them but they give them to needy people, people who have lost everything in fires, etc.  So... KEEP on buying those NEW SLIMMER clothes but pass the old ones onto others who would be more than happy to make use of them. Bonnie B.

I was visiting your website and was reading the stories people had put up about what they do before weighing in each week.  I thought that I would share my story with you and your readers.  I too wear the same outfit each week.  I wear cotton shorts and a thin t-shirt.  I also take off my rings, earrings, and watch.  The other week a couple of ladies said that's not a bad idea.  I told them there was no way I was wearing jeans when I weigh in.  Of course, they were both wearing jeans and trying to tell me that they were thin jeans.  Since summertime is coming I have been going to the tanning bed.  I have been going to the tanning bed before weighing in because all that sweating has got to help a little to at least get rid of some extra water. I just wanted your readers to know that there are other people out there that do crazy things before weighing in. Thanks for the website, Michele 

I usually weigh in in the early morning when I get up, no food and of course, excuse me but the morning BM.  But one night I went because I had missed my morning meeting and I ran around the house gathering all of my bras and letting my hubby decide which one was the lightest.  I also spit out my gum, empty my pocket, remove all jewelry, shave my legs, and even take the scunci out of my hair.  That is down right pitiful, but it works. Aunt Trina

During a previous WW 'go-round' with a friend we came from work for a lunch time weigh in.  We changed out of our business suits into long lab coats.....nothing under them....for the weigh in.   Of course the glasses, shoes , rings, etc came off too! We never laughed so hard after we were done.  We realized we definitely had gone off the deep end! Monicat

I wear the same outfit every week (going on 57 weeks now).  A pair of thin leggings and a light button blouse.  Sometimes I'll change the leggings or blouse but they all weigh the same.  The first few weeks I wore my shoes because I was bringing my infant with me and didn't want the extra hassle, but one week I wore the wrong (way heavier) shoes instead so now I go shoeless.  I don't worry about rings, watches or glasses and I won't the closer I get to goal.  I also pee before I WI and don't eat until after.  I can't get over these people who WI in jeans and bulky sweaters.  What are they thinking? Diana (Rudolph2000)

Can't believe I am going to share this story but here goes.  I am a Breast Cancer Survivor (can you see where I am going already).  I had a mastectomy 5 years ago.  One time when I had a terrible week and really couldn't face the discouragement I left my right breast at home.  Are we not insane.  Bonnie

I weigh in every Saturday morning in the same outfit also.  The thinnest pants I own (they are kind of like wind suit pants) and a thin t-shirt.  I also remove my shoes before stepping up to the scale. I do wear undies and a bra but after reading everyone else's I might try it without this week! I will not eat or drink anything before weigh in and I also visit the restroom (just in case)!!  Mandy

My weigh-in outfit regardless of the season is: running top (it's a little more than a bra, but not obscene) running tights (not pants) in the winter; running shorts in the summer. In the winter, I merely put on a sweatshirt over my outfit and a heavy coat, then just peel down (even my watch) for weigh in.  This is the lightest outfit to wear other than a bathing suit (the least amount of clothes that
one can wear w/o getting arrested!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) P.S.  Since I'm a runner, this outfit encourages me to run after my weigh in. Leslie

This is not my weigh in outfit, but a quick paragraph that might help put it in perspective to the lengths we go.....:) My grandmother/mother/myself have all had our turns on different diets and weight watchers.. I'll never forget what my grandmother told me.. She had sadly suffered from breast cancer, but had great spirit and laughter to share at times...she once told me she wears her light bra (prosthesis breast) on her weigh in days.. oh, it would just make me giggle. Her heavier bra/breast prosthesis  was saved for non-weigh in days. I always smile when I think back on that story. I do miss her. A Member

The first time I went to Weight Watchers, I was weighed wearing jeans, a blouse and no shoes (you all that don't wear "under things" are hilarious!!).  So, now I always eat breakfast in the morning and nothing at all for the rest of the day (until after the meeting), I try to wear the same jeans to the meeting, and of course I use the restroom before weigh in.  Also, our meeting is on the 3rd floor of a local church's education buildings, so I always climb the stairs for any last little ounces that I might get to shed as well. I have hair that comes down to my waist. Don't get me wrong. I love it. No way will I cut it. But, I always wondered...how much does hair weigh?  Pam

I too weigh in at work in the same black turtleneck, black skirt, hose and underwear (no watch, but I do keep on my rings).  People probably don't pay much attention b/c I wear different colored jackets with the outfit....sneaky.  LAW

I used to belong to an At Work WW.  Before the leader got to the meeting, we would all hop on the scale to see how we did before she got there.  I noticed that a lot of the girls were leaning over, looking down to see the digital readout.  I told them NOT to lean forward and look down, that they were making themselves weigh MORE.  At first they laughed at me but when they stepped on the scale and stood straight without leaning over they weighed a little LESS.  After that, everyone stood straight as a board when they were being weighed! Masoud

I must be the only one to not give a thought to my weigh-in outfit.  I even keep my sneakers on!  (yes, you read that correctly).  I am just starting my weight-loss journey, so I figure it doesn't really matter at this point.  I will probably start worrying about that when I get closer to goal.  But I do try to wear similar clothes from week to week so I can be pretty sure of the accuracy of the weigh-in.  Hmmm - maybe I'll start at least taking my shoes off!  lol  :-) Kendra

I have this flimsy brown silk leopard print blouse that I wear to weigh in! I only wear it to WW. It weighs almost nothing. Yes, I have actually weighed it on my digital food scale! It weighs 2.4 ounces to be exact! I know you must think I have gone overboard, but I think I've seen a few of you when I was diving in the deep end!!! Back to reality now, I hope this post made someone laugh or at least smile today!!! We need to smile more and enjoy this journey! IamLynette 

I weigh in the same thing every time; a pair of nylon shorts and a cotton sports bra. I am sans jewelry, glasses, shoes and socks! The whole outfit weighs .4 oz - I told you that I am obsessive compulsive. ww4life82

Well, confession is good for the soul, they say. I've lost quite a bit of weight, so I recently bought some new bras--and I took my digital scale with me to the store to WEIGH THEM BEFORE I BOUGHT THEM! I'm sure the security squad was watching my surreptitious fumbling in the lingerie aisle with great suspicion! Anyway, I'm pleased to report that "Barely There" makes an extremely lightweight product, although it is also "barely there" in the support department, so it does only get worn for weigh in! Deva

My outfit weighs 14 oz. A pair of pedal pushers, my lightest weight top (4 oz) socks, bra, undies. I remove all jewelry (just started that recently). I usually don't do more than wear my winter coat (and a lite weight jacket) over the WI outfit. So I am freezing by the time I get to WI. Today the leader looked at me and said, "It is really time to get a new winter coat." ha, I just bought this one last year when I decided that there was no way I was going to be able to lose weight. I think I can make it last one more year as long as I wear the jacket under it to help block the breeze. Kitty

I wear these same black stretchy pants (they are threadbare), and the lightest tee-shirt I can find, no shoes. Never thought about weighing my bra!! Well, I'm off to take more cough medicine, and weigh my clothes. Bzrenew

Sheesh am I the only one that usually has to WI in my work clothes? dockers and a light shirt, this time of year usually a turtleneck. Sometimes I get to change clothes into leggings and a t-shirt but not often. I can't wait until summer either I miss my shorts. Oops I need new ones now, I forgot my shorts from this summer are a size 16. They would never stay up. Mly

I also weigh in my work clothes...Usually dress pants or jeans (pick the lightest pair I have) LOL and short sleeve shirt and socks. Summer time is shorts and a tee shirt and socks. Nepal

I usually wear light weight slacks to weight in but last month I broke down and wore my jeans..but I felt so guilty weighing in them...The closer I get to my goal the more I think about what to wear. After reading all these posts, I do believe I am going to go thru my closet to see what is in there that is light-weight; will probably weigh some of it to see what is the lightest weight...But, our one salvation is that at least we are not alone when we weigh our clothes..hehe I hope DH never catches me weighing clothes, I will never hear the end of it..hehe SueT60

I wear light weight clothes but haven't weighed them at home, at least I haven't weighed them YET LOL!!! Mev

I have to weigh in my work clothes, always the same outfit though, so my co-workers must think I don't have much of a wardrobe! I recently shed my watch, and am saving my glasses for another week (if I need it). Like that sports bra idea though! I'm sure my meeting would think I'd really lost it if I did that! Lots of older ladies. But I've got to give you credit, a whole outfit for a few ounces! Now that's ingenuity! heyjude1

My uniform is light weight cotton knit pant and a T-shirt. I have been known to take off my socks on a reaaaally bad week. We have to wear shoes, or they sell foam slippers. I use the slippers -but no one says we have to wear socks. Akmom

When I joined Weight Watchers, it was August 1, 1989. I had walked to a meeting in a pair of shorts and a t-shirt, not even intending to join but just accompanying my walking partner. Well, when I heard the Leader talk about eating and losing weight, I thought, "I am going to try this." So I weighed in that day. Eleven years later, I still weigh in for my official monthly weigh in in the same outfit; talk about LIGHT! They are almost threadbare. I guess I have acquired a reputation among staff here as the crazy Paula who wears the same shorts and t-shirt, even in December and January. Members ask what I did in the winter if I walked to the meeting (always); I tell them about layering: shorts and t-shirt, turtleneck shirt and sweatshirt, long johns and sweatpants and heavy socks. They don't believe me, but it's true. I used to arrive at the meeting earlier than anyone else so I could strip down to the shorts set. Of course, not I can pull and tie the shorts, which I couldn't do when I began. Paula

Well, I too wear the same thing every week, a pair of light weight shorts and a sports bra. I've weighed a couple of pair of shorts by themselves on the scale at WW to find the lightest pair. My shorts weigh .4 lbs. I haven't weighed my sports bra. No underwear, jewelry, or socks. I put a paper towel on the scale (they have them at my center). My leader says I'm a "true and devoted Weight Watcher." Because it is cold now, and I don't just go out in public in a sports bra, I wear a coat over my weigh in outfit and then carry in a bag of normal clothes. After I weigh in, I go into the bathroom to get dressed. I also ALWAYS go to the bathroom first and don't eat until after weigh in. upswife

I'm probably weird...but every week  I wear my heavy old blue jeans and a long sleeved top. My focus is on what I lose per week not so much my starting weight.  In the long run that initial 2 pound difference between the jeans and a light pair of shorts is not a big deal!  Now I may wear that and a tank top if it makes a difference in obtaining my lifetime status! LOL!  But probably not before. 

I weigh in in the same THIN cotton dress I weighed it last week thinking I'd throw it out and use something else cause it has got SO big on me but it only weighs half a pound and none of my new thinner clothes weigh that light so I am still gonna stick to the weighing in dress of the 2000 until it either falls to pieces or off me which ever comes first. I don't wear any underclothes, jewelry and I always remove my shoes and empty my bladder. pink elephants nz 

Well....I am a WW @ home member, so my weigh ins are in the privacy of my bedroom. (ohhhh....thank goodness for some things!) So of course, I weigh in ala natural. Nothing else unusual like the rest of you, well, unless you count the synchronization of clocks to exactly 5:01 am, scale MUST be pointing South, heater off so as not to cause a breeze, arms extended out to balance EXACTLY, tap scale, count to 3...hold breath and proceed on scale. But after reading all of your very unusual routines....I realize my mistake.....I am leaving my jewelry on!!! This little trick seems very obsessive to me.but I will give it a try this Friday. (laughing)

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