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10 Things To Do Before You Weigh In

1. Remove nail polish.

2. Clip your toenails.

3. Take the ribbon from your hair.

4. Shave your legs.

5. Loofah your elbows.

6. Trim your split ends.

7. Two words: Bikini wax.

8. Blow your nose.

9. Take out your contacts.

10. Exhale!

Thank You Chuck!

Additions to Chucks Original List Above

1.  Nurse the baby.

2.  Clean the lint out of your belly button.

3. "Leave off the hand lotion - who needs to retain moisture at a time like this?"

4. Go pee

5.  Take off your shoes.

6.  Take off your work ID badge (lord knows it weights a few grams)

7.  Take off your jewels (we know you love them, but they must weigh a ton!)

8.  Take off your belt, your socks, your suspenders, etc.

9.  Empty all of your pockets.

10.  Pee a second time.

11. Now exhale and pray....

12. Get that short, short haircut. (It will grow back.)

13. See a sad movie and cry (more water loss).

14. Remove underwear. (Nobody will see under those heavy outer garments?!)

15. Remove your contact lenses.

16.  Clean out the ear wax.

17.  Spit out the gum, it can make the difference....

18.  Try to balance on one foot when the mentor is not looking.

19.  Wear no makeup - it weighs something and besides now that you are 
losing weight you do not need beauty enhancers.

Thank you Lisa, Melinda, Stephanie, Susan, Terry & Heather