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Scale: How To Use It When using the home scale, these simple rules must be followed: 1. Always place the scale on thick shag carpeting (it would be more beneficial to place it under 4 1/2 feet of water, but this is often difficult in a bathroom and is very hard on scales). 2. Hold tightly onto the sink or shower rod (both when possible) and gradually release the weight of the body onto the scale. 3. Make sure needle placement is accurate by cautiously adjusting the little round knob on the center-front, very slowly to the left. (Zero is a wide number and should be treated accordingly.) WARNING: Stay away from digital scales. (They are not properly adjustable and therefore inaccurate.)

Scale Tidbits * "Will you look at that! I've lost .37542 of a pound!" * Do not weigh yourself constantly. Every time you stand on the scales it stretches the little springs and wing nuts inside and slowly presses them flat - the result, even with no weight gain whatsoever, is that the scale makes you appear to weigh a little more each time. * "I'll just give the scales a quick flick - dust can weigh TONS, you know..." * There's one thing that will give you more for your money than it would ten years ago - the penny scale. * It's no good tiptoeing up to the bathroom scales - they hear you coming. * Bathroom scales: equipment which only seems to work correctly when one holds on to towel rail, stands on one foot and leans hard to the left.