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The Twelfth Day of Emily

She came into my life,
A Dozen Days ago.
It seems quite impossible,
And yet it's truly so:
I was getting ready,
For 60 years all told,
Waiting for my Emily,
Not just growing old.
As the sun breaks the night,
Morning came to me,
When first my eyes fell upon,
My precious Emily.
She's just a little child,
A girl who's very small,
But 6 foot 3, all of me,
Is at her beck and call.
Emily, my Emily,
Daughter to my son,
My life, twelve days ago,
Had only just begun.
I never knew my heart,
Was waiting for this girl,
The place it had for her,
A chamber for this pearl.

A room inside my heart,
Lit up and then I knew,
It was there, all my life,
Waiting just for you.
Yes, I turned, saw your face,
And left my sense behind,
You're the why, Emily,
I never thought I'd find.
Aging now'll be okay,
A reason pure as gold,
My grandgirl's the reason,
For my getting old.
I now dream of days to come,
Oh there's so much to do,
I have such plans, and such hopes,
And all of them for you.
Songs to sing, happy songs,
And stories we can share,
Alice and her teacup,
The tortoise and the hare.
Games we will be playing,
And walking hand in hand,
Magic tricks, pick up sticks,
And castles in the sand.
Your laugh will bring me joy,
Your tears I'll always dry,
Your little "Why?" won't be lost,
To answer I will try.

She came into my life,
A Dozen Days ago.
There was my heart waiting,
For just this love to grow.
I really had no warning,
That this was meant to be,
But then, oh! There she was,
My precious Emily.


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