Lyrics for
The 3rd Annual DWLZ Conference

How Do You Like Dot Now?
Words by Al, and sung to the tune of "How Do You Like Me Now?"

(Verse 1)
Yeah she was always the heavy one, the one where they poked the fun,
Sometimes she just wanted to lay down and die.
She tried to lose her weight you know,
It always would go real slow,
And then the weight came back and sheíd break down and cry.
She wanted so badly to be thin and healthy,
But her will power seemed far too weak,
And then all at once she climbed up that mountain,
and now she lives on its peak. How do you like her now?
How do you like Dot now? Now that sheís on her way?
No one thought that sheíd be -- standing here today.
Now sheís climbed the mountain, she wants you to do it too.
Thatís why she made the web page, How do you like Dot now?

(Verse 2)
It started off just a little thing, an Internet iffy fling,
Never imagined itíd go half this far.
Then the restaurants and recipes
The helpful hints and niceties, they all seemed to really catch on.
Her pictures of before, and then those of after,
Showed how her weight had really gone.
The guest book was filling, the emails were thrilling,
And next thing the conference was on! How do you like Dot now?
(Repeat Chorus twice)

Words modified and sung by Al to the tune of
"Surfin' in the USA"

Well, you've heard of the web page, D-W-L-Z
It getting real hot now, from sea to shining sea,
Over 14 million have dropped in to see,
What Dotti's got cookin' at D-W-L-Z.

They're coming in from Texas,
Massachusetts too,
And from way down under,
And I'm Telling you,
The pounds are droppin'
And it's clear to see,
Things are jumpin' at Dotti's

Now twenty thousand are lurking,
Or posting every day,
Talking to each other,
Supporting all the way,
And here we are at the conference
Anyone can see,
Things are jumpin' at Dotti's

We're counting our points, now
We're drinkin' water too.
We're all on a journey
Our weight loss skies are blue
We're climbing that mountain,
Just come and see,
Things are jumpin' at Dotti's

These Old Clothes
Words modified and sung by Al to the tune of
"This Old House"

(Verse 1)
These Old Clothes I once selected
For their fit more than their looks,
These Old Clothes were on the plus rack,
Not in the fashion nooks.
These Old Clothes just fit around me,
And they covered up my shame,
But now that is all over,
And loudly I proclaim:

Ainít gonna need these clothes no longer
Ainít gonna need these clothes no more,
Iím too small to wear these pants now,
Iím too small, and thatís for sure.
Iím too small for my old wardrobe,
And itís feeling really great,
Ainít gonna need these clothes no longer,
Just like Dotti I lost my Weight.

(Verse 2)
These Old Clothes once knew my roundness
These Old Clothes once knew my hurt,
These Old Clothes were tight around me,
Poppiní buttons off my shirt.
But their days on earth are numbered,
Ainít got time for one more fling,
Theyíre headed for the trashcan now,
And you can hear me sing, (To Chorus)

(Verse 3)
These Old Clothes have served their purpose,
Now their work on earth is done,
I struggled hard to lose them
Yes, I struggled hard and won.
Hey! My new clothes are much smaller,
Thatís because now I am too,
My heart feels like Iím flying,
And I am telling you... (To Chorus)

(Verse 4)
These Old Clothes remember sorrow,
These Old Clothes remember tears,
These Old Clothes saw me tired,
Through all those heavy years.
But now their work is over,
They did all that they could,
I ripped them from the closet,
And now theyíre gone for good! (To Chorus)

Will Have Thin Thighs!
Words modified by Lisa (lameret) sung by 100+ Forum & other
Zonies to the tune of " I Will Survive"

By Lisa/lameret (not coming to Conference)

At first I was afraid I was petrified
Because my true weight was a number I had always lied
And I spent so many days trying to squeeze into my jeans
I used to cry
But now I hold my head up high

And so I went I finally joined
I really wanted to be thin and not just so "big boned"
And as I go from day to day just counting up my points
I wonder why
But know that I ...

Will have thin thighs!!!

I spent far too many years trying to understand
Making excuses for my ever increasing waist band
Now as far as I'm concerned I'm just living day by day
And exercise
So here's a word to the wise

You can Move, Grove and Lose or walk with Ms. Sansone
But you'll never find a place as good as Dotti's Zone
You'll get tips and recipes and a boost for your ego
You'll never go
And now you know

You'll have thin thighs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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