2nd Annual Dotti's Weight Loss Zone Conference
Sunday Night Dinner Cruise on the "Tom Sawyer"
St. Louis, MO - April 19th-21st, 2002

Here we are on our wonderful Sunday night dinner cruise. Pics of cruise and activities beforehand.

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**Crusin' Zonies

**Dotti & Al

**Dotti & Al

**Gary & Colleen

**Brenda & Kelly

**Flo & Don

**Becca & Alistair

Alistair, Becca
& Joan

Alistair & Becca

Dotti & Becca

Karen, Donna, Robin
Larry & Kathy

Kelly, Alistair

Waiting for
the boat

Al, Larry & Kathy

Colleen & Gary

Mary, Al, Dotti
Barb, Tracy, Kelly

Larry, Kathy, Joan
Barb (Joan's Mom),
Lorraine, (?)

Felicia, Robin, Mya
Becca, Alistair, Ellen

Jackie, Karen, Don
Flo, Danielle, Donna

Gary (missing, taking
pic), Colleen, Brenda,
Debbie, Debbie
(CDoobee), Sharon

Debbie & Dotti

Dotti asking band
to sing Happy
Birthday to Becca

YUM, Cheescake!
(BTW - I did ONLY
have 3 bites!)

Group Shot

Donna teaching
me the

Continuing the

Trying to follow
Donna with the


Brenda, Dotti, Donna
(after our
Charleston dance)

Al & Dotti

Mary, Dotti, Al
& Barb (Joan's Mom)

Tom Sawyer

Upper Deck
Tom Sawyer

Al bundled up for
an Upper Deck view

View from

Group Shot


View from Arch

View from Arch

View from Arch


View from Arch

Arch at Night
from Tom Sawyer

All Photos with ** in front of them are used with permission and Copyrighted by:
Souvenir Photos Inc.
John C. Friskel, President
9731 Tesson Ferry Road
St. Louis, MO 63123

Thank you to all who have shared your photos!!