2nd Annual Dotti's Weight Loss Zone Conference
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A Visit with Barbara (librarylady2)

Saturday night, 4/13 - Monday morning, 4/15 - A quick visit with Barbara (librarylady2)


Barb's 1 year at Lifetime short video

You can download this movie by right clicking on the link above and save it to your hard drive. I play the movies with Real Player.


Al and I arrived at Barbs house on Saturday night, 4/13 around 8 pm - I was talking on the cell phone to her as she directed us to her house and lo and behold, as we were talking still THERE she was with the cell phone to her ear and jumping up and down! I think she was a wee bit excited, as were Al and I. I could not get out of the car fast enough! :)

We had a wonderful visit Saturday nite (Al and Rick went to bed early; Barb and I stayed up till the wee hours!). Sunday we saw some of the area sites and came home with LOTS more visiting, hugs, a wonderful dinner with awesome drinks (thank you Rick!) and after the men went to bed Barb and I chatted into the WEE hours again! We even managed to drop into Chat for a bit! :)

The picture to the far right is of Sydney, the amazing pooch who resides with Barb & Rick! Al and I fell in love with Sydney and I'm pretty sure Sydney fell in love with us! We played for hours!!

Thanks Barb and Rick for a WONDERFUL time and beginning to our road trip to St. Louis!